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Budget-Conscious Mom Gets Brutally Lunch-Shamed, Moms Step In To Defend Her
Kia Bradford Oswald lunch-shaming

Budget-Conscious Mom Gets Brutally Lunch-Shamed, Moms Step In To Defend Her

One industrious woman caught flak from fellow moms for packing too many sweets in her kid's lunch.

Lunch labor

Any mom will vouch that the daily lunch-making routine can be a grind.

According to one study, most parents responded that packing lunch "tops the list of stresses for parents as their children head into the new school year."

In addition to juggling numerous other morning tasks, mothers have to consider the reloading of the pantry, all while packing a balanced meal for their kids. The pressure has some moms going to crazy lengths to pack the perfect lunch.

Kia Bradford Oswald can certainly relate. One day, she decided to find a smart and sensible solution once and for all.

Amazingly, she managed to pick up enough goodies to last her little ones an entire school term, all at an unbelievable price.

A proud Oswald decided to share her coup with fellow moms on the ‘Aldi Mums’ Facebook page.

"Did my back to school shop today! $228 and it will last me almost all term."

- Kia Bradford Oswald

Mindful of the potential blowback at some sugary snacks being on display, she was quick to follow up.

"Before anyone gets mad about it my kids do NOT get everything every day and they get plenty of fruit and a sandwich as well as junk!"

Too little, too late-- criticism quickly followed.

"Nice, but mine won't be having processed stuff," replied on parent.

Strong response

Oswald was quick to defend her selection of snacks.

"I couldn't care less what your kids do or do not have. My kids have this in their lunch and I'm not going to deprive my kids of snacks just because your kids aren't having any!"

Oswald then gave a swift run-down of her menu for her remaining critics.

"Here’s a picture of the cupboard," she said, going on to explain, "I stack it all and alternate snacks each day. They get 3-4 bars, a cheese dip, a rope or gummy shapes and a pack of chips or cookies. They also get 2-3 pieces of fruit, a container of chopped up cucumber and a sandwich daily."

Her reply attracted the support of other commenters, including one asking people to give Oswald a break

"She is feeding her kids so WHY ON EARTH DOES IT BOTHER YOU? Good on you sweetie, I'm sure your kids eat organic food! Grow up and stop shaming mums for what they feed their children, at least they're fed!"

Facebook commenter

Let's be kind to moms

I mentioned it earlier but it bears repeating: being a mom is a tough task.

When you think of what mom do daily -- often on an empty tank and a shoestring budget -- you realize that they're the real superheros. That includes supporting their kids as they take on an ever demanding world and providing them fuel to the best of their abilities.

Let's pack lunches with less shaming and more love and thank yous.

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