Nicki Minaj – Keep on Doing It

Nicki Minaj celebrates all the girls in the world who have the strength and courage to pursue their passions and not be afraid to make mistakes.


We all have insecurities and I want to shout out to all of the kick-ass women not only in this room but all around the world who, you know what, we win and fail in the public eye and that’s not easy to do. People think they know what it requires. People think they could do it. Everybody wants to walk in your shoes until you put them in your shoes and then it’s like ahh, you know what I mean, so I want to say congratulations to all the girls in this world who are strong, who are confident and yes we have insecure moments and that’s okay.

“But guess what, you do something that millions of people would never be able to do if they had the opportunity because it takes guts. It takes balls. It takes balls to be able to lose and to fail and to make mistakes in the public eye. I’m proud of you, I’m proud of you. Whatever you do here, keep on doing it. Keep on killing it and you know thank god for health and strength you guys. We’re alive today, we need to just be happy for that.”