Osho – Follow Your Own Path

Spiritual teacher Osho talks about the dangers of following leaders blindly, and says humanity is stronger when we are unafraid to think for ourselves.


I cannot say to come follow me. Those who have said it have crippled humanity, have made humanity helpless. People don’t want to be on their own. They don’t have guts to create their own thought, to work and create it. They want to be led. But they don’t know that if you are being led, it slowly … even if you have eyes, you will lose them. You will be seeing through the eyes of Jesus, Krishna, Muhammad. Your eyes will not be needed. In fact, your eyes will cause a disturbance. The leader wants you to surrender your eyes and see through his eyes, your legs and walk through his legs. Do not believe in yourself but believe in him. To me, it is a crime. It is crippling you, paralyzing you, destroying you, and you can see it all over the world. The whole humanity is destroyed by such a statement and such people.”