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Middle-Aged Dad Dance Crew Goes Viral  Even Grabs the Attention of Hugh Jackman
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Middle-Aged Dad Dance Crew Goes Viral Even Grabs the Attention of Hugh Jackman

"Dad dancing has never looked so good!"

When it comes to dancing, dads aren't exactly known for their poppin' moves on the club floor (sorry dads).

But that didn't stop one group of middle-aged men from embracing the dancer within and starting their own dance crew — the Outta Puff Daddys — and they're taking social media by storm.

How a Group of Middle-Aged Dads Became the "Outta Puff Daddys" Dance Crew

Back in 2012, a group of U.K. dance dads got together and thought it would be fun to put on their own performance. Mostly they saw it as an opportunity to embarrass their kids. Because let's face it, isn't that one of the best perks of being a parent? Yes. Yes, it is.

With the help of their children's street dance instructor, and with absolutely ZERO dance experience, the dads secretly got to work learning a special "dad dance" routine.

Weeks later, "The Outta Puff Daddys" made their smashing debut during their children's annual dance competition.

“We got together and rehearsed in secret. Our partners knew but the children didn’t. My kids knew I was going dancing but didn’t know why," Paul Jukes, 48, the group's leader and artistic director told Wales Online.

It didn't exactly go as planned. Initially, it was meant to be a joke but apparently, a group of middle-aged dads getting their groove on is just what the world needs. Who knew?

The crowd LOVED it.

"The response was incredible. We performed at the Brighton Dome which seats 2,000 people so for your first live dance performance it was quite something. We literally took the roof off."

Even their kids loved it.

"Most people would assume our kids are going to be embarrassed by us but none of us in the crew have that. All our families and kids are really supportive and really love it," Jukes said.

They've been bustin' a move ever since. The dads started taking their show on the road, performing in front of thousands of delighted spectators at various festivals across the country.

Their mission is simple - "Spreading joy, positivity & changing society’s approach to mental health. One dad-dance step at a time!" They're definitely succeeding.

When Even Hugh Jackman is a Fan

outta puff daddys dance crew

Ranging in age from 42 to 60, the dads have no plans of stopping anytime soon. By day they're teachers, taxi drivers, personal trainers, and chefs but when the weekend hits, they're hitting the dance floor.

They've got moves and they're multiplying. Between TikTok and Instagram, and thanks to a number of viral reels receiving millions of views, the Outta Puff Daddys have over 500K fans.

Including none other than the OG Wolverine - Hugh Jackman.

"We all have crew names and one of our members is called Wolverine, and recently received a comment from Hugh Jackman giving him a massive thumbs up," Jukes said. "He’s a huge Marvel fan so for him to have Hugh Jackman personally contact him was just phenomenal.”

Hugh Jackman is famously known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men movie franchise. As well as his roles in musicals like, "Les Misérables" and "The Greatest Showman."

He's no stranger to the dance world and has also had several stints on Broadway, including winning critical acclaim and a Tony Award for his portrayal of Peter Allen in the Broadway musical "The Boy from Oz." A middle-aged dad himself, it's no surprise that he's a fan of the Outta Puff Daddys, especially when there's a Wolverine involved.

It's About More Than Just Dancing For This Dad Dance Crew


Every step we take… 🕺🏼 #dads #daddance #uk #menshealth #fyp #foryoupage #dadsoftiktok #positivity #mentalhealth

No one is more surprised by their success than the dance dads themselves. Self-professed wall flowers, crew members admit that they're more likely to be "off at the side" in a party situation. However, when they're together, those inhibitions are lost and they just "embrace life."

For the dad dance crew, it's about so much more than just the dancing though. The group not only gives them a fun and creative outlet, but it provides the 15 members with a safe space to create new friendships and talk freely and share openly without fear of judgment.

For many of them, their weekly dance sessions are the lifeline they needed.

And they encourage other men to do something similar.

"We have supported each other through various personal tragedies and challenges - our bond provides a real lifeline for our own mental well-ness," their YouTube bio reads. "We break through all stereotypes surrounding traditional masculinity, encouraging others to talk openly about their mental health."

It's clear that the group has found joy and fun in embracing the humor of "dad dancing." But along the way, they've found something even greater — a sense of belonging and community. A place where they can truly be themselves, sharing not only their passion for dance but their lives as well.

And there ain't no stopping them now.

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