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“She Put Her Baby’s Life Ahead of Her Own” - Strangers Reunite Mom With Lost Child Amidst Hurricane Chaos
Mom loses baby in hurricane, strangers reunite them

“She Put Her Baby’s Life Ahead of Her Own” - Strangers Reunite Mom With Lost Child Amidst Hurricane Chaos

A desperate plea and a photo led to a happy reunion for this mother and daughter.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in 2017, it caused major flooding that left Dajauh Zhane Henix and her baby in neck deep water, surrounded by swift currents.

Rescue workers managed to save the mother and daughter, but they were separated and taken to different shelters.

Panicked without her baby, Henix asked for help on Facebook with a post and a photo of her daughter.

"If anybody is on the east side and at a shelter on Garret road please keep a look out for my baby," she wrote, according to Insider. "We were separated while evacuating. Pleaseeeee. She have on a pink neon shirt wrapped in a blue blanket."

Constable was looking for the mother too

Unbeknownst to Henix, Constable Diaz was also looking for the baby's mother.

He posted on Facebook with a photo of him holding the baby.

"We are trying to find the mother to this baby," the post read. "The mother was last seen wearing a purple shirt on South Lake Houston Parkway."

Reunited at last

Incredibly, the post was shared more than 31,000 times allowing the mother to reunite with her baby.

"This mother did what any great parent would do," Diaz wrote in a comment on the post. "She realized how fast and deep the water current was...She put her baby's life ahead of her own and asked for us to take the baby to higher ground."

The baby was in great hands and we made sure she was reunited with her mother.

Constable Christopher E. Diaz

When Henix got her baby back in her arms again, she breathed a huge sigh of relief. The grateful mother then proceeded to comment under Diaz's original post.

Thank you sooooo much for keeping her with you!! You are a life saver [heart emoji] greatly appreciated. 

Dajauh Zhane Henix

Don't hesitate to ask for help

It's hard to imagine the level of anguish this mother must have felt without her baby during the flood, but as we know, the story has a happy ending.

What this proves is that strangers are willing to help when we ask, and that while something can seem hopeless at the time, things have a way of working out.

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Be the help someone needs
“Sign of life is not whether you are breathing, but whether you are helping others.” ― Abhijit Naskar

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