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Police Officer Intends to Ticket a Parked Car - But the Surprising Note the Driver Had Left for Him Changes His Mind
Police Officer Doesn’t Ticket Driver After Reading the Note He Left on His Car
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Police Officer Intends to Ticket a Parked Car - But the Surprising Note the Driver Had Left for Him Changes His Mind

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In a world where alarming statistics about alcohol-related accidents flood the headlines, one story from a summer night in 2017 shines as a beacon of responsibility and compassion.

Picture this: A Wisconsin resident, after enjoying a night out, realizes that they've had a few too many drinks to drive safely. Instead of making the risky choice to get behind the wheel, they decide to walk home, leaving their car in a metered parking lot overnight. A responsible decision, no doubt, but one that could have led to a costly parking ticket.

However, what happened next is what makes this story so heartwarming.

The Note One Police Officer Found on a Car’s Wiper

parking ticket on a car's windshield
Photo by Erik Mclean

Officer Jim Hellrood, a parking control officer with the Wausau Police Department, approached the vehicle with the intention of writing a parking citation. As he was about to place the ticket on the windshield, he noticed something unexpected — a note carefully tucked beneath the wiper.

The note, left by the responsible driver, was a plea for understanding. They had made the conscious choice not to drive under the influence, even if it meant risking a parking ticket.

“Please take pity on me,” the note said, “I walked home … Safe choices. =)”

The officer's response was simple but powerful: "Pity Granted, Just A Warning."

This compassionate response from Officer Hellrood didn't just save the driver from a parking fine; it highlighted the importance of making safe choices, especially when alcohol is involved. Word of this heartwarming incident quickly spread, and it wasn't long before another officer was asked about similar situations. Their response revealed that this case was indeed unique, but it was a testament to the driver's commitment to safety.

The Wausau Police Department appreciated the driver's decision to prioritize safety over convenience, acknowledging that it might not have been the easiest choice. In the eyes of the law, they might have deserved a citation, but the officers recognized that in the grander scheme of things, preventing a potential drunk driving incident was far more valuable.

How a Driver Proved the Importance of Making Right Decisions

This story serves as a powerful reminder that sometimes, the right decision isn't the easiest one.

It's a reminder that responsibility, compassion, and empathy can prevail even in situations where rules might dictate otherwise.

In a world where headlines often showcase the worst of human behavior, this simple note and the officer's compassionate response remind us that acts of kindness and responsible choices can make a significant difference.

So, the next time you're faced with a tough decision — whether it's about drinking and driving or any other choice that affects safety and well-being — remember this story.

Remember that making the right choice, even if it comes with a cost, can have a profound impact not only on your life but on the lives of those around you. It's a lesson in empathy and responsibility that we can all carry with us.

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