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Police officer looking at a parked car, a person placing a note on a car and a man wearing a baseball hat.

Man Stops Stranger's Car From Getting a Parking Ticket

TikTok/ @j.hamii
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Man Notices Stranger's Car Was About to Get a Ticket - His Response Goes Insanely Viral

TikToker Jay Hami has become the internet's hero after saving a stranger from getting a parking ticket.

Anyone who owns a car knows that feeling of dread when you discover a slip of paper tucked under your windshield wiper. Getting a parking ticket is an annoyance at best. At worst? It's an unexpected expense you can't afford.

But lucky for one New York driver, when a police officer was seconds away from ticketing his car, a stranger had his back. And his impromptu act of kindness just took social media by storm.

Man Saves Stranger From Getting a Parking Ticket


Saving an stranger from getting a parking ticket! #foru

Jay Hami, 27, is singlehandedly restoring the world's faith in humanity in a TikTok clip that has gone insanely viral with over 97 million (that's right 97 MILLION) views.

In the video, Jay notices a traffic cop giving a parked car the twice over. He immediately decides to intervene. Rushing over to the officer, he calls out, "Boss!"

"Is this yours?" the officer asks.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Jay tells him, pretending it's his. It works. As Jay stands beside the vehicle, the ticket officer moves on.

"Man, I got you," Jay says, smiling at the camera.

The real estate photographer tells Newsweek that he was just returning to his apartment from moving his own car when he saw what was about to go down.

"I moved my car because of street sweeping at the time and as I was walking back to my apartment, I saw the car that looked like it was about to get a ticket," he says. "I knew it would affect the owner if they got one so I rushed to the ticket officer and told him that it was my car."

"Bro that's the nicest thing ever," one commenter wrote on TikTok. Over 11.7 million viewers agree.

But Jay's act of kindness didn't end there...

Follow-Up TikTok


Update on “the owner’s POV” #foru

Two days later, Jay posted an update on TikTok. "This morning when I went to check if the car was still there, I noticed it didn't even have a tire!" he says.

So, he wrote the owner a note with his phone number, letting the stranger know he wanted to help him out.

Three days later, the two strangers finally got the chance to meet. Jay shares their interaction in a second follow-up video garnering over 960,000 views.

"Nice to meet you Jay," the unnamed stranger says, shaking his hand. After Jay shows him the TikTok footage of his car rescue, he tells the man that he also noticed his missing tire.

“I’m not Mr. Beast or anything, but I want to help you out with what I can,” Jay says before handing over $300 in cash.

Shocked by the gesture, the car owner promises Jay that he'll be there for him anytime he needs him.

"Yo, that is very much appreciated. Anytime you see me, you might need me, bro, I got that little spare time, you got it."

"Keep following Jay," he plugs to the camera. "He's a good guy."

The Power of Kindness


Replying to @pawnstar The owner’s POV #foru

There are no insignificant acts of kindness. Every one is important, every one has meaning. It took literally seconds out of Jay's day to intervene on a stranger's behalf.

But his random act of kindness has captured the hearts of nearly 100 million people and made a difference in the life of a stranger he now calls friend.

That is the power of kindness.

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