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Two teens in a police car and a teen in a prom dress posing in front of police cruisers

Police Officer Gives Stranded Teens a Ride to Their Prom


Two Teens Got Stranded on Their Way to Prom - Later, They Pull up in the Back of a Police Car

When the high school students' prom plans took an unexpected detour, police officers had their backs.

Prom tends to be a memorable experience for most high school kids. It is, after all, the social event of the year.

But for two kids from Dunn County, North Dakota, it's not the prom itself that left a lasting impression. It's what happened on the way that turned it into one heck of a night to remember.

What Happened When Two Teens Got Stranded on their Way to Prom

High school students standing near a huge "PROM" sign

Killdeer High School Students at their 2024 Prom

Killdeer Public School District #6/Facebook

Dunn County Sheriff Officer, Corporal Tyler Rintamaki never made it to prom. That is, until now.

Rintamaki and another deputy were headed back to the office when they spotted a truck on the side of Highway 22, flashers on and facing the wrong direction, perKFRY-TV.

“We thought it was odd, so we stopped and checked on them," Rintamaki said.

That's when the officers met Danica Mindt and Ian Gloria, juniors at Killdeer High School. The teens were on their way to prom when their truck unexpectedly broke down.

“The truck started beeping at me, making some weird noises and popping up this caution light. I knew something was wrong,” said Mindt.

Not knowing what else to do, the teens were about to call 9-1-1. But, as luck would have it, they didn't have to.

The officers immediately sprang into action. Unable to fix the truck, they decided to go with Plan B.

"Determined not to let the unexpected setback spoil the students' special night, Corporal Rintamaki and Deputy Jermeay provided a kind and compassionate gesture by offering them a courtesy ride to prom," the Dunn County Sheriff's Department wrote on their Facebook page.

However, they didn't just give them a ride. They also gave them pictures to prove it.

Riding to Prom in Style

Killdeer High School juniors Danica Mindt and Ian Gloria taking prom photos in front of Dunn County Sheriff's Dept. vehicles.

Killdeer High School juniors Danica Mindt and Ian Gloria taking prom photos in front of Dunn County Sheriff's Dept. vehicles.


With only moments to go before their scheduled prom photos, and the clock ticking, Mindt and Gloria worried that they'd miss out.

But Rintamaki wasn't about to let that happen on his watch. He offered to take some "one-of-a-kind" photos for them.

“I was like, ‘Well, we can just take photos for you. We can take photos here in front of the police car,’“ he said.

So, with the road stretching behind them and two police cruisers flanking them, the duo struck a pose in a roadside photoshoot they'll never forget.

Ten minutes later, the teens made it to their high school prom in what may just be the most epic entrance ever — in the back of a police car with sirens wailing.

They even made it in time for their official photoshoot. All thanks to the Dunn County men in blue.

As for the villain in this tale? Mechanics are still trying to figure out what's wrong with the broken-down truck.

A Night To Remember Thanks To the Kindness of Strangers

Killdeer High School juniors Danica Mindt and Ian Gloria

Killdeer High School juniors Danica Mindt and Ian Gloria


The Dunn County Sheriff's Office commended the officers on their act of kindness, writing:

"Their selfless act reflects the values of service and community that define law enforcement, ensuring that Danica and Ian arrived safely and on time to create cherished memories at their prom."

Dunn County Sheriff's Office

Because of the police officers' good deed, Mindt's and Gloria's prom "was a blast."

But it wasn't just a night the high schoolers will never forget, it was one for Rintamaki too.

In a cool twist of fate, Rintamaki was finally able to cross prom off his own list of life experiences.

Having never made it to his own high school prom years ago, the unexpected encounter gave him a chance to finally say he'd been, proving it really is never too late for second chances.

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