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Struggling Pregnant Waitress Sleeps in Her Car - Then Her School Teacher Changes Her Life With One Move
FOX5 Surprise Squad Gifts Struggling Pregnant Waitress With $12,000 and a New Van
Uplifting News

Struggling Pregnant Waitress Sleeps in Her Car - Then Her School Teacher Changes Her Life With One Move

A young mother trying to support her family and be by her husbands side during his final days was given a well deserved surprise.

Most fairytales always go the same way: two people meet and fall in love, then live happily ever after. 

This was the case for two young lovers. Jessica Robredo and her husband Robert met and knew they were meant to be. They quickly started a family and have a four year old, two year old twins and a six month old. 

Why One Waitress Was the Sole Breadwinner of Her Family

waitress serving food to a woman
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Robert got testicular cancer at 25 years old that spread to his stomach and into his lungs. Her husband couldn’t access the medical care he needed in Vegas, so had to be flown to Los Angeles for medical treatment. 

Jessica works as a waitress in Las Vegas. She is a hard worker, always putting her best foot forward, even while heavily pregnant. When Robert’s cancer started becoming more aggressive, she had to stay at work in order to support her family. 

As the family’s sole earner, and faced with an onslaught of new medical bills, Jessica was under incredible stress. Nevertheless, she was determined to spend every moment she could by her dying husband’s side.

She had been driving her old van back and forth to LA to spend time with him, nervous that it would break down every time she got behind the wheel. 

How the Fox 5 Surprise Squad Gave Back to the Hardworking Mother

Las Vegas’ FOX5 Surprise Squad received a nomination from Jessica’s elementary school teacher, Kim. The two had been close ever since Jessica's school days. Kim had never had a daughter, and she had taken Jessica under her wing from an early age. 

The FOX5 Surprise Squad heard Jessica’s devastating story and decided to surprise her with an amazing gift. They set up a clever and heartwarming surprise. 

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The crew secretly set up several customers at Jessica’s restaurant with very generous tips, and captured the moment she received them with a hidden camera. First she was tipped  $200, then $300, then $500, then $1000! Jessica finally realized something was going on and broke down in tears. 

“You have no idea – that’s a huge blessing. Thank you so much…You guys have no idea how much this means to me,” she said.

When the FOX5 Surprise Squad team finally shows up, Jessica is speechless. 

The FOX5 anchor surprised Jessica with flowers and talked to her a bit about her situation. 

The stress of going back and forth to LA was getting to be too much for Jessica, who had to sleep in her car when she couldn't afford a hotel. Nevertheless, she always tried to smile through it. 

A spokesperson from United Nissan, a sponsor of the FOX5 program, showed up and told Jessica that the best place for her to be is by her husband’s side. Then, he presented her with a $10,000 cheque. Along with her generous tips, the total cash amount added up to $12,000! 

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The spokesperson didn’t stop there. He then told Jessica that they were providing her with a new car and a place to stay when she is in Los Angeles. 

Jessica couldn’t believe the love that was being showered on her and her family.

“Don’t ever give up hope. There is always somebody there to help you […] I had no idea. I thought it was just me and my family[…] trying to keep all of our hopes and dreams alive [and trying to bring daddy home]” she said.

How Tragedy Brought a Whole Lot of Love to One Struggling Mom

Robert passed away soon after the surprise, but Jessica was able to rest easy knowing that she had an amazing community of loved ones looking out for her and her family. 

The story was covered by the media and touched thousands, making even grown men cry.

Commenters on YouTube laid their souls bare. "I'm a 200 lbs Harley riding biker and this made me cry like a baby. In such a angry hostile world, it's awesome watching stuff like this. This kind of stuff needs to be shown more instead of all the negativity that's on…"

Other were inspired by the community that came together to help the young mother

"So happy this sweet girl and her family had "a village" looking out for them. Love to the husband and glad he was able to know the gifts he and his family got. Always try and do SOMETHING to help, even small donations add up. Thanks to her friend, the station and the donors who stepped up to help her, how kind!"

This touching story may not have the happiest ending, but it still sparks hope in the future. There is love and support everywhere, never give up hope. 

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