One customer unexpectedly changed his server’s entire day as part of his mission to spread positivity.

Isaiah Garza is no stranger to hard times. Though the now well-known jewelry designer counts musicians such as Cardi B, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna as clients, he is open about his struggles in the past. In a blog post Isaiah shared

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 “I was homeless multiple times. I was sleeping in abandoned office buildings, sleeping in my car. There were times that I was really really hungry and I had nothing so I know what that’s like.” Instead of letting his circumstance define him, however, Isaiah has always been adamant about the importance of a positive attitude, and continued to pursue his dream of being a fashion designer in the face of his financial struggles. 

“Through every struggle, I held onto the belief that as long as your heart is always in the right place, things will work out for you. I’d tell myself: Take it one step at a time and lead with positivity.” he continued to write. 

Changing of the Tides

Cardi B in gold bikini, sticking her tongue out at the camera with jewelry designer Isaiah Garza.
Isaiah Garze with Cardi B.

For Isaiah, his big break came when a friend agreed to style Rhianna in one of his jewelry pieces for a magazine cover. Once that image went online, his entire collection sold out. For Isaiah, one small favor changed his entire life. Isaiah of all people understands the importance of generosity, and how acts of kindness and no matter how small can impact someone’s life tremendously. 

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Committed to paying it forward, the designer surprised a stranger with help when she needed it most. After waiting on Isaiah’s table at a restaurant, one server was caught off guard when he asked her what she would like as a tip. After humbly sharing that she would be okay with whatever Isaiah deemed fair, she soon admitted that a $20 tip would help her. Dedicated to helping out, Isaiah insisted, and asked her what she really needed. The server shared that she needed help paying her phone bill, and was also in need of a new air conditioner. To her surprise, Isaiah gave her money for both.  

Isaiah posted the heartwarming reaction on Instagram @isaiahgarza where the server immediately becomes emotional, telling Isaiah: “I really truly, truly, truly appreciate it, this has never happened to me before.”

A Larger Mission of Love

This is hardly an isolated act of kindness for Isaiah, who regularly spreads positivity like this and shares the encounters on his social media pages. Isaiah hopes to one day head one of the largest non-profits in the world, and shared: “the philosophy that’s helped me is if you can just help one person, that’s one person in life that you can save and it multiplies from there.”

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His philanthropy is closely intertwined with his jewelry business, and his website features options to donate alongside his jewelry products. Having been the recipient of life-changing generosity, Isaiah Garza is a prime example of the domino-effect this type of behavior can encourage. A testament to this, the server even admitted to Isaiah after that she changed her mind, and was just going to give the money to her mother.


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