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Police Officer Saves 5-Year-Old From Fire - Years Later, She Facebook Stalks Him and Sends Him a Message
Cop Who Saved 5-Year-Old From Fire Attends Her Graduation 18 Years Later
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Police Officer Saves 5-Year-Old From Fire - Years Later, She Facebook Stalks Him and Sends Him a Message

In the tapestry of life, sometimes the threads of destiny weave a beautiful and heartwarming story. This is the story of Peter Getz, a retired US policeman, and Josibelk Aponte, a young woman whose life he saved almost two decades ago.

Why a Police Officer Was Invited to a Graduation Ceremony

Group of friends throwing graduation caps in the air by Rut Miit on Unsplash

It was 1998 when Peter Getz, then a patrolman, responded to a fire in a Connecticut apartment building.

Amidst the flames, he found a five-year-old girl, Josibelk Aponte, unconscious and in dire need of help. With no ambulance in sight, Getz didn't hesitate; he performed CPR on Josibelk right there in the back of a police cruiser as they sped towards the hospital.

The fire was fatal, taking the life of one of Aponte's relatives, but because of Getz's quick thinking and bravery, she survived. Getz's actions that day were heroic, but he modestly says, "I did what I was trained to do, what I had to do."

Fast forward to the present, and Josibelk Aponte is now 23 years old. She achieved a significant milestone in her life, graduating from Eastern Connecticut State University.

What makes this commencement even more remarkable is that Peter Getz, the man who saved her life all those years ago, was there as a special guest, watching proudly alongside her family.

Reflecting on the incident that forever bound their lives together, Aponte stated, "I almost died, but I was given a second chance at life. And it was because of Peter and all the authorities, everyone who came to help that day."

Getz, a man of few words but immense heart, expressed his pride in Aponte's achievements. "Pretty proud of her, for all the adversity that she has overcome," he said to TheWashington Post. "Both physically and mentally, having to go through that, and losing one of your loved ones, that you were very close to. That she had stayed the course and that she had come out as a shining star."

How One Cop Became an Important Part of a Young Woman’s Life

Getz also emphasizes that the heroic rescue was a collective effort. Dispatchers ensured that responders received accurate information, firefighters navigated through smoke-filled chaos, and someone even drove the cruiser to the hospital, where medical personnel took over. "This is how the process is supposed to work," Getz humbly stated.

The connection between Getz and Aponte didn't end with that fateful day. About two years ago, Aponte reached out to Getz, describing it as "Facebook-stalking" him. They reconnected, and their bond grew stronger.

Getz recalled the moment he received that first message from Aponte, saying, "Honestly, a lump came in my throat. It was kind of cool, you know, that somebody would even remember you from that long ago."

Now, the retired policeman considers Aponte as family. "Oh yeah," he confirms. "She'll always be a part of me and a part of my family."

In a world where kindness and compassion often shine their brightest in the darkest moments, this heartwarming tale reminds us that the bonds forged through selfless acts can last a lifetime.

Peter Getz, the humble hero, attended Josibelk Aponte's graduation not as a mere guest but as a beloved family member, proof that sometimes heroes are quietly woven into the fabric of our lives, leaving an indelible mark of goodness and hope.

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