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Pregnant Woman Walks Out of Her Own Baby Shower - Strangers Come to Her Defense
Pregnant Woman Walks Out of Her Baby Shower After Mother-In-Law Body Shames Her
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Pregnant Woman Walks Out of Her Own Baby Shower - Strangers Come to Her Defense

One woman discovered that dignity is thicker than family.

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She is jolted by a hand grabbing her arm, as she turns around. What happens next is so vile and revolting, that nothing will ever be the same.

A Bridal Shower

brown cake with

Photo by Ajeet Singh

We all know the common in-law tropes. They're the involuntary relatives we (sometimes grudgingly) love and accept because of the person we marry.

In-law acrimony was popularized in the show Everybody Loves Raymond, in which Raymond's wife, Debra was at odds with Raymond's controlling mother, Marie. While it makes for great TV, reality can be much harsher as one woman finds out.

The setting is a baby shower, a time to celebrate new life, as one family. Recounting the events on Reddit is the pregnant bridal shower mommy, using the nickname MonicaRogers099 (I'll refer to her simply as 'Monica Rogers' for this story).

Like any celebration, cake is served, a symbol of the sweet moment. Strangely, this is where things go very sour.

A Cruel Comment

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska 

As Rogers walks to the table to get cake, she feels a hand grab her arm. It's none other than her mother-in-law. That's when she tells her, in front of the entire family, that she "gained enough weight already" and if she "keeps this up," her son will not be happy living with "a large walrus."

Rogers writes that her mother-in-law has a history of fat-shaming her, writing that she "always made comments about my weight, ever since I got pregnant, she started making more comments while low-key shaming me for what I eat."

She goes on to share all the cruel details.

"Whenever I visit, she'd give me smaller plate, portion, cup even spoons. She also buys me 'small size' clothes even though I'm in my 2nd trimester and those clothes don't fit."

The nasty baby shower comments are the last straw, and with little motivation to stay, Rogers storms out. Yet as she makes her way for the door, her sister-in-law stops her, saying that she can't leave mid-party "and embarrass her like that."

When the mother-in-law refuses to leave, Rogers does, choosing dignity over decor.

Besides, she can always count on her husband to back up, right? Well, this will be hard to digest.

Strangers Defend Pregnant Wife From Her Cruel Husband

Rogers writes that her husband was "furious" at her leaving, telling her "that his mom meant well, that she should apologize, and that she needs to change her 'easily offended mentality' before giving birth so that she doesn't pass it on to their son."

When her angry husband won't stop chiding her for being 'ungrateful and spiteful,' Rogers leaves to stay at her mom's.

Her post caused an uproar online, being upvoted over 19,000 times and receiving over 1,400 comments, most supporting her and many waving red flags.

"You are in a controlling marriage at best, and an abusive one at worst," cautioned one.

"Why are you having a baby with this man? He and his family are toxic bullies. You’re allowed to eat, when pregnant especially!" wrote another.

Another Redditor gave Rogers some food for thought.

"Your husband too, he needs to be on your side of this, for God sake you are carrying his baby! If you can't get him on board then you need to rethink this marriage, because he'll never be on your side, if he continues to behave like mommy's little boy!"

How We’re Reminded That Love Is Earned

two hand prints around a red heart

Photo by Rod Long

Among quotes about family, one by Richard Bach says, "The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life."

Then when it comes to her husband, Monica Rogers might be a stranger who happens to share her name with him. Family, through blood or marriage, isn't a free pass to act as you like.

Like any relationship, it's earned through our daily interactions. And, while family members might have more rope than others, at one point it runs out.

One husband might find that out a bit too late.

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