Patrick Carroll and Ben Kickz team up to give away sneakers to kids who need them. A goal is set for a $1M distribution tour.

When you set big goals, you end up accomplishing more than you once thought possible. As kids we were always taught to reach for the stars.

One Florida native and current real estate mogul is doing just that. 

Patrick Carroll grew up in Tampa, Florida, where he played basketball at a local Boys & Girls Club.

After becoming an entrepreneurial success, he decided to right back to the community that raised him.

Sneakers With a Message Behind Them

Patrick has set massive goals his whole life and accomplished so many of them. He came up with a new goal, to donate $1 million in sneakers to kids that need them.

“When I was a kid, you know, having Jordans or some of the coolest shoes out there, it was a great thing and builds a lot of pride,” said Patrick.

It’s a big goal that Patrick is already well on his way of accomplishing. To date he has given away $300,000 worth of shoes in Miami, Tampa, and Atlanta.

“I started my company in Atlanta, so to be here at the Boys & Girls Club speaking to the kids about the power of entrepreneurship means so much to me,” Patrick said. ”I want them to know, if I can do it, anybody can.”

At each location, Patrick, alongside famous sneaker aficionado, Ben Kickz pull up in a Brinks truck filled with sneakers all styles and sizes. The kids try on pairs they like and everyone goes home with a smile on their face.

”I know firsthand how aspirational having the right pair of sneakers can be to a kid in need.” Patrick mentions, “It’s incredible to see the looks on these kid’s faces when we pull up in that truck.”

Patrick can easily recall what it’s like for kids when they’re able to wear their dream shoe. He and Ben load the trucks up with some of the most sought after sneakers to ensure each kid gets a boost of confidence.

“Honestly, that’s one of best things they could have done, like wow. They have done events, but this is the biggest one,” said a teen girl.

Never Forget Where You Come From

Everyone is becoming inspired by the work Patrick is doing.

“How awesome is it for him to come back here and give kids here over 600 sneakers away. It’s over $100,000 worth of sneakers,” said Alex Rodriguez-Roig, president of Boys & Girls Club of Miami-Dade.

The next leg of Patricks $1M distribution tour is yet to be announced but he has already made serious progress. At each location Patrick briefly talks about his come-up story and stresses the importance of dreaming big.

“Entrepreneurship, you know, it doesn’t have to be the same format for everyone,” Patrick said. 

When you work from the ground up, you can recall each step you took to get there. Patrick never forgot about his days at the Boys & Girls Club in Tampa and made sure to give each child a head start. Because he set such a strong goal, Patrick Carroll is changing the lives of youth in many different communities.