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Who doesn’t love a good family photo album?

It’s the one thing we’re supposed to say we’d rescue out of all our possessions if our house were on fire.

Unless, of course, you’re me, who is much more realistic, has a hoarder’s disposition, and working knowledge of how the cloud functions.

And so in the metaphorical case of my house burning down, I would let my baby photos (of which there are not many, due to the fact that I am a resentful middle child) regress to a kindle.

Instead, I’d be plunging towards my stack of vintage Leonardo DiCaprio magazines I began to accumulate in 2012.

Recreating Old Family Photos: A Wholesome Internet Trend

Following what is in my humble opinion, a delightful internet trend, these families got together to recreate some of their favorite memories years later. And the results are pretty hilarious if you ask me (and I would know, I’m funny).

For the record, I wouldn’t recreate old family photos — I’d save Leo.

But until then, here’s how the internet has contributed to this delightful trend over the past few years.

We’d also recommend diving down the “Past and Present Pics” subreddit for some more nostalgic kicks.

Can You Even Tell The Difference?


They’ll Always Be Her Boys…


From Pampers to Prom…


Spoiler Alert: DiCaprio Dies!


60 Years Later and It Still Fits!


35 Years Later and Not Much Has Changed…

He Recreated His Dad’s Favourite Photo Just Before His Retirement…


It’s Been Years and He’s Still Waiting For A Napkin…


Ghosts of Christmas Past…


Before Their Puppy Passed, They Recreated This Photo 16 Years Later…


13 Years Later and A Few Inches Taller…


It Never Gets Old!


Exactly 20 Years Later, They Went Back To The Same Photographer To Surprise Their Parents…


Nap Time Only Gets Better The Older You Get…


“Sorry, We Got Lost In The Mail”


Same Bath Tub, Bigger Brothers…


26 Years Later and He’s Still Carrying The Team…


Can’t Wait For His 60th…


Twinning x2.


Cheers to 30 Years and Bigger Beards…


23 Years Later and His Dad’s Still Lending Him A Hand


Pretty Spot On…


It’s Like They Never Left…

20 Years Later Not A Beach In Sight…


It’s Giving “The Simple Life”…


They Went All Out For This One…

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Bonus: Leonardo DiCaprio Edition

Just like time — they are flying!