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Women Reveal The Exact Moment They Realized Their Partners Would Never Cheat
Redditors on faithfulness

Women Reveal The Exact Moment They Realized Their Partners Would Never Cheat

One Redditor's touching tale of how she knew she found the one is sure to give all lonely hearts hope.

Loyalty before love

Finding love is hard enough, finding lasting love can be a Rubik's cube. How can you tell your partner is truly in it for the long run?

That was the burning question for one Redditor when she asked: "When did you realize your SO was a faithful partner?"

She opened up by sharing that she knew she'd found the one when she discovered just how deep his loyalty went.

"When I met my husband, he was dating someone long-distance," she began. "He and I became really good friends, but out of nowhere one day, he told me never to contact him again. I was devastated, as I thought of him as my best friend, but life goes on."

It was only through reconnecting years later that it all made sweet sense.

"He finally explained that he had done it because he had realized he was developing feelings for me and wanted to do right by his fiancée and so cut me out of his life."

"When we finally started dating I knew exactly what lengths this man would go to to avoid infidelity."

One Redditor knew she had found a keeper when she noticed how he weathered a rocky relationship.

from AskReddit

Family over flings

Others, like user opalsense, whose husband and her had to make difficult decisions for their family, knew for sure they found their forever match post-marriage.

"I got pregnant after dating my SO after 5 months," she wrote. "I always knew he was faithful, but after our daughter was born we both kind of had to drift away from our old crowd of friends in order to do right as parents."

She says it was all worth it.

"That shift was nearly effortless for both of us and it really made me realize how high I (and now our daughter) am on his list of priorities. Our daughter is now 3 years old and although we have faced some serious rough patches, we are still very much in love. I feel incredibly lucky to have him in my life."

Another Redditor shared how her man refused a woman's advances when she was pregnant.

from AskReddit

The little things

In other cases, it's the little things that speak the loudest. Take, for example the cute story of EfficientBeautiful's love.

"There was also a moment back when he was just my crush when I realized that he brought paper clips to our college class every day because he knew I'd forget to staple my homework (the professor wouldn't accept loose pages) and I'd started counting on that. It freaked me out because I wasn't used to relying on people, even for small things like that."

- EfficientBeautiful

Actions speak louder than words

Love can be a tough puzzle to solve. People are complex, fickle and ever-changing. Add to the mix hundreds of dating apps that make courtship feel more like Amazon Prime shopping, and dating can be a downer.

While it can be tough, the stories shared on Reddit teach us two things.

First, to always put values and actions over appearances and words. Second, that there's plenty of great and loyal people out there.

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