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Man Surprises Wife Who Had Breast Cancer Surgery With The Sweetest Display of His Love 
Man Surprises Wife of Nearly 30 Years Who Had Breast Cancer Surgery With The Sweetest Display of His Love
Uplifting News

Man Surprises Wife Who Had Breast Cancer Surgery With The Sweetest Display of His Love 

"I really wanted to give a sign and a reminder of love and commitment."

Celebrating a marital union of love is a beautiful thing.

And this time is no different as a doting husband from Iowa re-proposed to his wife of 26 years at the time following her mastectomy.

In early February 2017, Jim and Lora Koch were met with the difficult revelation that Lora was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Deciding what her options were, Lora decided to undergo a bilateral mastectomy on Feb.21.

The Remarkable and Touching Surprise

A week later, Lora wasn't feeling her best as she recovered. However, Jim expressed a heartfelt moment of compassion as he got down on one knee, proposing to her with a new ring.

One of their daughters, Christin, shared the touching moment on social media.

"My mom is currently recovering from breast cancer surgery & my dad bought her a new wedding ring & reproposed to her & I'm crying," her since-deleted tweet read, accompanied by an image of the sweet moment.

According to ABC News, Christin recalled her father telling her mother that he loved her no matter "in sickness in health," and it was a pleasure to witness the adoration.

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"I really liked being able to witness it. I've always known they had a strong relationship, and seeing it in front of my own eyes was really cool," she told the outlet.

Christin also went with her father to get a new ring for her mother. She said the ring was created with the original diamonds from Lora's ring.

Jim and Lora's oldest daughter, Anna, couldn't be there for the ceremony because she was away at college. Still, she was supportive of her mom throughout her surgeries and recovery journey.

How the Beautiful Moment Occurred

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Christin Koch/ABC News

Speaking with ABC News, Jim said the moment was a relatively "spontaneous" moment.

"I've known Lora as the most selfless person that I know, and as she was going through this rough patch, I really wanted to give a sign and a reminder of love and commitment," he told the outlet.

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Jim also explained that Lora had a "positive attitude" in the midst of the ordeal.

"Throughout the whole thing, she's had such a positive attitude. From diagnosis to surgery, I don't think she's had a down day," he added.

Overcome with emotion over the earnest gesture

Christin further said Lora was so delighted by the act of kindness and love that she cried "tears of joy."

"It was really emotional for me because if you can only imagine after a bilateral mastectomy, you're not feeling your best nor do you feel like your look your best," Lora told ABC News. 

She also added that to have Jim put the beautiful symbol of his love on her finger and say the wholesome sentiment made her have a "big sludge of tears."

Additionally, Lora hopes her story of triumph and love will be a reminder for women to take care of themselves and receive routine mammograms.

"I just hope my story can be a reminder that women should be getting mammograms when they can because you never know," she said.

Overall, Lora and Jim's tale of devotion proves that hope and everlasting commitment to a significant other still exists in the world no matter what.


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