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Customer Walks Into Business and Demands a $1000 Hamburger - The Owner Refuses and Does This Instead
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Uplifting News

Customer Walks Into Business and Demands a $1000 Hamburger - The Owner Refuses and Does This Instead

It goes without saying that after the COVID-19 pandemic everyone was hit hard. But some of the people who were hit the hardest were small business owners.

In the early pandemic, over 700,000 independent American businesses shut down. Even though the figures are heartbreaking...there's one small business owner out there who's giving us hope!

In the small town of Windsor, Ontario, Taystee Grill made it through the pandemic.

But instead of hoarding their resources, the team at Taystee Grill are inviting others who are not-so-fortunate to join them on the other side — one hamburger at a time.

With the help of one crazy customer, Taystee Grill put their money where their mouths were — literally.

What's even better? They caught the whole thing on camera.

A Stranger Demanded a “$1000 Hamburger”

owner of a small business

It was business as usual at Taystee Grill, when a strange customer came in making an even stranger request.

"Can I have a $1,000 Hamburger?"

Zachery Dereniowski

With hamburgers priced at under $10, the female employee manning the burger counter didn't understand this customer's question.

"Don't worry about it," she insisted, declining this customer's crazy offer. But he didn't seem satisfied.

She didn't know what else to say to keep this customer happy. So she simply suggested the gentleman check out their (reasonably priced) menu.

But this was one customer who wouldn't let up!

The customer continued asking for $1,000 hamburger. When he could see he wasn't getting anywhere with her, he switched up his strategy.

Instead, he asked if the owner of the restaurant was around.

Not sure how else to deal with this customer, the Taystee Grill employee called in her boss, Haissam Chouman — and you won't believe what happened next.

So, see for yourself because the entire bizarre exchange was caught on camera!

Watch Taystee Grill's Video:


“No war. Love one another” 🥹❤️ #food #money #homeless #kindness #war #help #peace #support #shelter #burger

He Made Them an Offer They Couldn’t Refuse

Yes. As it turns out, the "strange customer" was none other than Zachery Dereniowski, otherwise known as @mdmotivator.

For those who aren't familiar with his "body of work," Dereniowski is an internet celebrity who made his fame off of giving others his fortune!

His instagram bio simply reads: "kindness is cool" — and he's not wrong.

He Was a Man With a Plan

When he walked into Taystee Grill, Dereniowski wanted to hit two birds with one stone.

He wanted to give an independent restaurant a little unforeseen boost of $1000 in under 10 minutes — and he wanted to take those burgers to feed the homeless.

But Taystee Grill owner, Haissam Chouman refused.

He wouldn't accept the $1,000. What he did instead, was so much better.

Together, They Went to Feed the Homeless

In a twist, @mdmotivator didn't see coming — his money was no good at Taystee Grill.

Chouman was so inspired by his act of goodwill, he agreed to make 100 hamburgers for free.

Not only that, but Chouman decided he would take the rest of the day off, to help Dereniowski feed the streets.

"There is a lot of people who need help. We feed people — me and you."

Haissam Chouman, Owner of Tasytee Grill

In a beautiful act of conjoined kindness, Chouman and Dereniowski hit the streets together, to hand out burgers to those in need of a hot bite to eat.

The video went viral and the comment section blew up.

"This is Taystee Grill in Windsor. SUPPORT THEM ❤️" is just one comment (written by @r.a.n.n.a.e) that racked up 84K likes!

Haissam Chouman's local community couldn't have been more proud of their neighbor and they wanted the world to know it!

His Message to the World Is a Message for Us All

owner of restaurant

While they prepared the food, Dereniowski asked Chouman one important question. He asked him if he had a "message for the world."

And Chouman's answer didn't disappoint.

"Just live together. No war. Nothing. Everybody love each other. Live together. Love is the best."

Haissam Chouman, Owner of Taystee Grill

Sure, it may sound like a simple philosophy, but it's obviously effective. His soft-hearted words aren't just words, they are a way of life.

And he's practicing what he preaches! It's a gentle reminder that we should all do the same.

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