The officer-turned-bailiff was working when she saw a mother struggling to calm her young baby.

*Featured image contains photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

People always say it takes a village to raise a child, and they’re right.

From partners to grandparents, to babysitters and friends who are able to lend a helping hand, mothers always count on those around them to offer some help in times of need.

However, when a young mother travels solo with her baby in tow, whether to run errands or to get somewhere she absolutely needs to be, she finds herself without her village.

The Difficult Situation One Struggling Mother Was Stuck In

Young mothers can’t usually count on the kindness of strangers, who often avert their gaze from any struggle or roll their eyes if they hear any crying — as if babies know the “polite” thing to do would be to stay quiet.

Mothers try, of course, to keep everything calm and quiet. They leave the house hoping that their young baby will fall asleep and stay asleep so that mom can check things off her to-do list. They hope that they’ll make it home again before the baby gets hungry, or over-tired, and starts wailing.

This is what happened to a mother who was trying to get her fingerprints taken at the courthouse in order to get a job she badly needed. 

Officer Michelle Johnson, who had recently retired from the police force and was working as a bailiff, was on shift when she spotted the young mother struggling. 

How One Bailiff Proved the Importance of Lending a Helping Hand

Her baby was fussy and restless, preventing the woman from completing the task she was at the courthouse to do. Michelle understood immediately what the woman was going through, she knew how much effort it must have taken her just to get out the door that morning. So, Michelle immediately jumped into action.

Michelle took the baby so the mother could have free hands to complete her task. Not only that, but Michelle went to get warm water so that they could warm up the baby’s bottle. The hungry baby calmed down and seemed relaxed in the officer’s arms. 

Michelle’s simple act of kindness was caught on a security camera and shared by the police department online.

The simplicity of the action goes to show us how even the smallest act of kindness can have ripple effects. Because Michelle helped her, the woman was able to get a job and provide for her growing family.

There is no better gift than that!