Robin Williams – Live in the Moment

In this rare interview, Robin Williams speaks about how he felt after rehab and how it’s okay to make mistakes because it inspires change.


Robin Williams: I went to rehab in wine country just to keep my options open, but I came out the other side and went yeah I’m better.

Charlie: “How were you different when you came out the other side?”

Robin Williams: Dry. I think a lot drier and I think sober and also able to experience life and go it’s pretty amazing. Then you realize you do have family, friends, and people you go I appreciate you and now I can actually remember what we’re talking about. How cool is that? That’s kind of the gift, you know?

Charlie: “Yeah. Did you have to get out demons?”

Robin Williams: I don’t know. Where are they? “You know where we are Robo we hang right here. The demons, where are they at? We live with you boy.”

Charlie: “Come on here Robo. Talk to us.”

Robin Williams: Start talking. Come on Robo.

Charlie: “It’s on your back. I’ve seen it.”

Robin Williams: Tell Charlie about the demons.

Charlie: “I’ve seen it on your back, tell me.”

Robin Williams: Hey Charlie. Charlie where we going now? Going to a strip club on Valentine’s Day. Come on Robin, it’ll be fun. It’ll play well with the wife. The demons. The demons. No they’re more like spirits and they were in a glass.

Charlie: “Oh.”

Robin Williams: The spirits, where are you? Possessed. Dr. Jekyll Mr. Jack Daniels. Aye Robo. An optimist sees a glass half full, a pessimist sees it half empty, an alcoholic goes, “Where’s the bottle?” I became an alcoholic even thinking about alcoholic. Thanks for the vodka Charlie.

Charlie: “You’re okay today?”

Robin Williams: Totally. Okay? Well that’s not …

Charlie: “That’s not the term.”

Robin Williams: Okay.

Charlie: “Exactly.”

Robin Williams: I’m better and also I feel great and that’s kind of wonderful.

Charlie: “Yeah.”

Robin Williams: You have to fail in order to find the new.

Charlie: “You have to fail to find the new.”

Robin Williams: Yeah. You have to take the chance and really let go and say … It kind of peels away. What happens is it shakes you up, it scares you, and then you’ll go back and work harder. It’s like the old, I guess maybe it’s the same way on anything where you kick it out, it doesn’t work, but then you come back and your mind goes try step two. Go to phase two now. Don’t fall back. I’m going for the blue stuff. Stay with me.

Charlie: “Yeah. Stay with me.”

Robin Williams: We’re going ahead. We’re going toward the comedy wasteland. You’re standing on it Luke. Segues, I don’t need no segues.

Robin Williams: Come on. Go with me.

Charlie: “Going. Let’s”

Robin Williams: Fight through it. Don’t be … You find you go out and eventually somehow something will kick in. That’s why it takes awhile, but if you have the courage you can do it. Life is extraordinary. I don’t want to miss it, you know?

Charlie: “Oh man.”

Robin Williams: That’s kind of the gift, you know?

Charlie: “Yeah.”

Robin Williams: Is in life within the immediate moment.