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Sadhguru: Get Drunk on Life
Sadhguru: Get Drunk on Life
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Sadhguru: Get Drunk on Life

Sadhguru - Drunk on Life

Sadhguru shares the secret to being deeply intoxicated on the inside but fully alert at the same time -- it's about being drunk on nothing but life.


"I am always intoxicated, hugely intoxicated I am. Any time I want, I can go absolutely crazy, but am I balanced enough? I'm balanced enough to conduct any activity in the world, isn't it? But, internally I'm absolutely drunk. Now, this would be useful, isn't it? You're drunk in your inner experience and the level of your mind, you're fully alert. This would be fine. Even your mind gets intoxicated, then all your capability is gone. If you don't value capability, it is simply because you're living in a kind of imaginary paradise because if everybody around you becomes incapable, then you will know what's the trouble of living in that place, isn't it? What you enjoy is not marijuana, what you enjoy is a little bit of recklessness in you, a little bit of intoxication in you. We can give that to you and it doesn't cost anything. Just getting drunk on life in such a way that you're in deep intoxication all the time. Instead of wine, we shift to divine, okay? It works better."

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