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Sadhguru: The Meltdown is Beneficial
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Sadhguru: The Meltdown is Beneficial

Sadhguru - Earn it

Sadhguru gives a speech about the necessity of having meltdowns in life in order to be able to appreciate good times and strive for better during difficult times.


It doesn't matter what the hell happens with your life. If you are seeing this life only as a stepping stone for a larger possibility, then whatever the situation, it is beautiful and very useful. Very, very useful. Various situations in your life, either you can use it to make yourself stronger and better, or you can sit and cry. This is the choice you have. Everything. It doesn't matter what happens. The most horrific event happened in your life, that also can be used for your growth and your well being, if only if you have clearly seen the small events of your life. When I say small events, I mean your business, your marriage, your children, all those big things.

All these things are just a stepping stone, but the important thing is whatever the hell you're doing, there's only one goal. If you have set this up, then all the events of life, everything is beneficial. The boom is beneficial, the meltdown is even more beneficial, actually. For one, who is looking at the simple events of this life, itself, as the goal of life. For him, there is failure and success. Success happens to you, not because you desire it, because you earn it.

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