Sheryl Sandberg – Build Resilience

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg talks about the importance of building resiliency to better the world.


If you’re unmarried past age 27, you’re called [foreign 00:00:04], a leftover woman. One woman, a 36 year old economics professor, was rejected by 15 men because … Wait for it. She was too educated. After that, her father forbade her younger sister from going to graduate school. Like in a lot of places, it’s not always easy to be a woman in China. The stigma that comes from being a leftover woman can be intense.

One circle created a play, “The Leftover Monologues”, which celebrates being leftover and tackles the topics too often unspoken, like sexual harassment, date rape, and homophobia. The world told them what their stories should be and they said, “Actually, we’re writing a different story for ourselves.” They build collective resilience.

We build resilience into our selves. An important way you can serve and lead is by helping build resilience in the world. Speak up when you see injustice. Lend your time and your passion to the causes that matter. My favorite poster at Facebook reads, “Nothing at Facebook is something else’s problem.” When you see something that’s broken … And there is a lot that is broken out there, go fix it.

A few months ago, my cousin Laura turned 50. I called her that morning and I said, “Happy birthday, Laura. But I’m also calling to say in case you woke up with that, ‘Oh my God, I’m 50’ thing, don’t do that.” Either we get older or we don’t. No more jokes about growing old. Every year, every moment, even in the pouring rain is an absolute gift. Find gratitude for the gift of life itself and the opportunities it provides for meaning, for joy, and for love.