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Should I Be Of Service to Myself Or Others?

Should I Be Of Service to Myself Or Others?

Which path - Service to self or others?

Most of us chose our professions by responding to an instinctual angst to fix a problem. Our childhood experiences showed us a need we tried to fill by righting wrongs or injustice. Often becoming our raison d'être for this life. It directs us to a life of service to self or service to others. You could call it nonprofit vs. for-profit, but it’s not that simple.

Should I Be Of Service to Myself Or Others?

Working for someone else’s dream is a service to others and not necessarily the selfless concepts we associate with that term. Service to self at it’s best is the call of the artist within us all to create and be. Please don’t limit the concept of an artist to paintings, sculpture, etc. Art is our calling for the lessons we want to learn in this life. The Mayans left us the formula for mankind: Time(Energy)=Art.

We live in a time of big questions and choices on a personal and planetary level. The world is getting united as we become more connected. We see the pains and joys from around the world and the cybersphere have emotionally fused the two.

The question next is how to exit the matrix. Or switch the priority from service to others then self, to service to self then others. These polarities are best served by equal service to both. Neither are bad or good because each needs the other to succeed.

Isn’t that narcissistic? No, two Burning Mans and an Afrikaburn taught me that. Try it, spend a week receiving from others. You’ll feel the desire to do give as well. Radical receiving begets radical giving. Our species at it’s finest.

Think of the prep you do when you have a cold. You get the medicine, tissues, cream for your skin, liquids and hunker down to rest. Give yourself that radical self-care on everything as the patient. Be the best friend who you would do anything for your wellbeing. Don’t forget to apply tough love as needed.

Ask yourself this: “What would someone who loves me say?” Tell your ego to answer that question and you will put it in the place it’s supposed to be: guiding not driving. You are in the best position to give advice because you know you. The lazy you, the parts of you that need a kick in the pants, the insecure child, and what brings you joy and tears. Treat yourself like a lover, best friend, parent or whomever you love the most. And then take the advice.

Take heed that negative thoughts or fear will be like self-abuse. While at Afrikaburn, an alchemist and I measured the Schumann Resonance at 27 SR. That’s one of the highest readings on the planet according to those who pay attention. And expected at high vibration events. At 21 SR it's said that we will see instant manifestations. During the burn, I saw fear manifest on two different occasions. Camp members mentioned their fears of safety, and both were victims of theft.

Negative emotions coupled with thoughts are just as powerful as your positive ones. But there is no need to hide from fears or ignore them. Just acknowledge and release them with self-acceptance. Or as we say back home ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself.’

Radical self-care is the polarity (and partner) to radical world service. Acknowledge and accept that both need to exist. I like what a friend said ‘life is the dance between the two polarities. When we accept either service option for our lives, we automatically need the other.

My service to others involves teaching in foreign lands, writing stories fresh from the muses and trusting the flow of it all with one-way tickets. The radical service to self requires a diet of no sugars, gluten or meat. Spiritual nurturance starts with solar gazing and wearing a uniform.

Synchronicity flows best when I have no plans for the day and options are laid out for me to choose instead of guessing the right choice. A lesson I wish I knew at 35 instead of 55, but I’m better understanding today.

When you need advice ask yourself 'What would someone who loves me say?' And then listen to the loving response.

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Phyllis Serene ( is the founder of God/Dess University (GU) ( GU offers courses in earth sciences, energy medicine, life cycle support and sexual wellness. Her career includes Christian missionary, executive recruiter, non-profit director and Dominatrix. She is Southern California Leather Woman 2010-2011 an international sexual wellness educator and author. Her latest book is "All My Heroes Were Ho's, Life Lessons From The Dungeon". She is an advocate for sexual wellness and creator of the Five Alignments course. Teaching the five intelligent systems: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, instinctual and sexual. Interviewed by the largest African-American women's magazine. And seen on E Networks "The Real 50 Shades of Grey".

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