By taking the road less traveled in his search for love, one single father sent a powerful message to his daughter and millions more.

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Vashaad Randolph is no stranger to getting things done on his own. Along with having success running his own neon signs business, the 28-year-old Newark native is the single father to a beautiful 4-year-old daughter named A’Miyah.

So when dating apps didn’t help his search for true love, Randolph used it as motivation, again taking it upon himself to act outside the box. It proved to be by far his biggest venture.

Why a Single Dad Posted His Dating Application on Facebook

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Randolph took his soulmate search to Facebook, with the heading ‘Candidate for the position of friend, wife & business partner/stepmother.’

The man who stated that ‘Entrepreneurship is in my blood’ was clear on his mission statement.

Family has been on my spirit a lot lately & I’ve been thinking about meeting someone worth the effort required that could change their last name and life forever 🤞🏽

Vashaad Randolph

Not one who’s soft-spoken, he also made it clear that he seeks someone who values what he brings to the table, personally and professionally.

“In prior experience I’ve had people attempt to treat me and go about me as if I’m ‘regular’ when in actuality I’m ‘rare.’ I say that HUMBLY,” he wrote.

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Closing his post, Randolph said that love is a merger, not an acquisition.

“What I require from a girlfriend 🤔? A friend. Like when we are together it’s a recipe for a good time. Doesn’t matter if we’re in Egypt or in a box…”

Nothing prepared him for what followed.

The Incredible Response a Single Dad Received on His Facebook Post

Randolph’s post exploded with 1,000 likes, nearly 5,000 comments, and was shared more than 4,000 times. It included replies from plenty of starry-eyed suitors from around the globe.

“Finally a man who isn’t afraid to put himself out there and say what’s on his heart,” commented one.

This is so sweet. Just being real and putting what he wants and needs out there. ❤️

Facebook commenter

Another cut right to the chase, posting “Please find attached my application 🎈.”

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Since then, Randolph’s been on several virtual dates, including the dating podcast ‘Love Rants: Meet Your Match,’ hosted by Stacii Jae Johnson.

While his search continues, Randolph says ‘The One’ will have to be right for two. “I’m definitely keeping my heart and mind open to that person who fits in my life and my daughter’s life.”

How a Single Dad Proved the Importance of Having Standards in Love

In the end, Randolph hopes that him clearly expressing his ideal match will set a good example and lesson for his little girl as she grows into a woman with her own dreams and goals. 

Never be afraid of the criticism that will come behind you having standards and stating what it is that you want. That’s what I would want my daughter to take away.

Vashaad Randolph

Some might be put off by Randolph’s relationship goals, yet in a way that’s the point. Success in searching for love is about clearing the path to your one and only. The road might be winding, but that special someone is out there.

You can be sure that his little princess will grow up knowing that in matters of the heart, be clear, know your value, and never settle.

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