Trenton Lewis does all he can to support his daughter.

There’s something noble about working in silence. Many people struggle with maintaining hard work over long periods of time and complain the whole way through. But not Trenton Lewis.

Why One Young Dad Wakes Up at Midnight

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Photo by Rahul Shah

Trenton Lewis is a 21-year-old single father from Little Rock, Arkansas. He values hard work and has a 14-month-old daughter, Karmen, to take care of. Trenton works in the shadows, literally. 

Every day for roughly half a year Trenton used to wake up around midnight, kiss Karmen goodbye and go to work. Trenton’s shifts at UPS began at 4 a.m.

Without a car, he would walk 17 km in the middle of the night to get there on time. “I don’t want to miss work at all,” Trenton said. “I had figured I had wanted to be with my daughter to get to support her because I want to be a father.”

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Trenton was never late for work. He did what he needed to do and never complained. He even managed to keep the details of his walk a secret. As an Arkansas native, he takes pride in not making excuses. “I made it to work and everyone was late,” Trenton mentioned, “I’m doing this for my daughter.”

Eventually one of his co-workers, Kenneth Bryant, found out about Trentons daily travels. He was shocked to see the standard Trenton holds himself to. “If somebody got that much determination, I’d be willing to help them,” Kenneth told reporters, “Here’s a young man who wants to work and will do whatever it takes to be successful.”

Inspired by his story, Kenneth began asking around the office if people would be interested in secretly getting Trenton a new vehicle. Many of their co-workers agreed, even people who had never met Trenton.

How a Single Dad Proved Hard Work Is Always Rewarded

Kenneth went to a local car dealership and explained to the salesperson his co-workers’ story. Impressed, the salesperson told Kenneth they’d be willing to get the 21-year-old a good deal. 

Shortly after, Kenneth and the UPS employees had gathered enough money to get Trenton a car. They brought him to the office parking lot for what they said was a “union meeting.” There, Kenneth held a short speech, and surprised Trenton with the keys to a 2006 Saturn Ion. 

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Trenton was surprised and grateful for people like Kenneth. For a guy that shows little emotion, he was seen smiling from cheek to cheek. “I had no idea, I guess they’re very good secret holders. This was my first car, I have awesome co-workers,” Trenton said.

For his first ride, Trenton stopped by his home, picked up his daughter and went to get a bite to eat. The first of many meals out in the new ride.

Its great to see a young man doing all he can for his family. He knows that the best way to support his daughter is to put his nose down and work hard. “I knew days were going to get better if I kept coming to work,” he said, “And that’s just what I did.” Because of his unrelenting determination, Kenneth was awarded something that will make his days a little easier.