Ain’t no party like a Cleveland party!

A Cleveland Clinic police officer has got some serious dance moves … and they have made him go viral!

Corporal Eric Hudson has been dancing his way into the hearts of caregivers and visitors as he helps them safely cross the street on their way to the Cleveland Clinic.

Hudson’s motivation to volunteer as a crossing guard has always been to make people smile and add some light to their days while simply … paying kindness forward.

“You’d be surprised with the caregivers, how many of them hug me and break down. They’re crying in my arms saying ‘thank you, I needed this.’ So, that’s what gives me joy. When I come here, I love giving that energy, and it reciprocates back to me. I love it,” Hudson told ABC7 Chicago.

Why One Police Officer Dances on the Streets

Hudson, 49, a Cleveland native, said that sharing love was what helped him through his darkest days on the job as a police officer. He has now been a member of the Cleveland Clinic’s police department for 19 years.

“It weighs on you every day. You come in and put your life on the line, and there’s scrutiny, so it drains you because you don’t feel appreciated,” he said.

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To beat those blues, Hudson volunteered for crosswalk duty to share his moves, play music, sing and add cheer to the community and be an optimistic beacon for all of the people coming in and out of the Clinic.

“This is just me being me. I love it. I love my community,” he said.

“He delivers high fives, endless dance moves, and pure happiness to our caregivers and visitors while he’s working,” said the Cleveland Clinic in a YouTube video they shared of Hudson in action. “Life is too short not to have fun!”

How One Police Officer Proved the Importance of Spreading Love

The Cleveland Clinic was established in 1921 and has pioneered a number of medical breakthroughs, including coronary artery bypass surgery and the first face transplant in the United States. It has 77,000 caregivers, 22 hospitals, and 275 outpatient facilities in locations around the world.

“You’d be surprised by the energy, the love people receive, and how they give it back,” said Hudson. “Especially with our caregivers, you never know the load they’re carrying when they walk into the Clinic.”

One patient from the Cleveland Clinic even drove around the block a few times just so she could see more. “It made me laugh so hard! It was the best medicine of the week,” she told

“I decided I’m going to give them that energy before they go to work. Just like I’m helping them out, they’re helping me out.”