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Mom of 3 Is Overwhelmed Taking Care of Her 3 Kids Alone on Flight - Until a Guardian Angel Comes to the Rescue
“Guardian Angel” Helps Overwhelmed Mom of 3 on Southwest Airlines Flight
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Mom of 3 Is Overwhelmed Taking Care of Her 3 Kids Alone on Flight - Until a Guardian Angel Comes to the Rescue

Traveling with kids can be a daunting task, especially when you're flying solo. The idea of managing children, luggage, and all the unexpected surprises that can come with parenthood on a plane is enough to make any parent anxious.

For Summer Erdel, a military spouse and a mother of three, her recent cross-country journey from California to Raleigh was one such adventure that she was dreading. Little did she know, a guardian angel would appear when she needed it the most.

How a Stranger Became a Mom’s Guardian Angel

seats in a flight

The trip was no cakewalk, consisting of multiple connecting flights that pushed her children to their limits. As Summer explained, "by the third flight, my kids were fed up!" Frustration was mounting, but relief was just around the corner.

That's when Jenny Martin, the guardian angel, entered her life. Jenny, a mother of four, could immediately sense Summer's predicament and stepped in with a heart full of understanding and empathy. She offered her assistance in the most selfless way possible.

Summer recalls their interaction to WRAL, "She let me know she was a mom of four and that she understands my frustrations and how hard it is on the kiddos. She said she could help me however I needed."

Jenny's acts of kindness didn't stop there. As the flight progressed, she held Summer's baby and took charge of checking in the stroller during boarding. Her guidance allowed Summer to focus on getting herself and her toddler settled on the plane, assuming that her need for assistance was over. Her guardian angel was committed to making her journey as smooth as possible.

Summer continued, "Since it's Southwest, we can choose our seats, so she offered to sit in front of me, so that way if my toddler kicked the seats, it'd be okay." The empathy and thoughtfulness Jenny displayed were remarkable, to say the least.

How a Passenger Went Above and Beyond for a Fellow Mom

As the flight continued, tragedy struck in the form of a vomiting baby -- four times. This could have easily been a breaking point for any parent, but not for Summer. She found herself overwhelmed, covered in baby vomit, and on the verge of tears. That's when Jenny, without hesitation, stepped in once more.

She held the baby, unbothered by the mess, and simply told Summer, "I got the kids. You go take care of yourself." The kindness and understanding she showed in that moment was a lifeline for a stressed-out mother.

Jenny's support didn't stop with babysitting; she went above and beyond. She entertained the kids, lent Summer her jacket, and rocked the baby to sleep. Her unwavering commitment to making Summer's journey more bearable was nothing short of extraordinary.

When the flight landed, Jenny didn't just stop at helping with the baby; she walked off the plane holding the baby, placed the baby in her stroller, and escorted Summer to baggage claim and ultimately to her husband.

How One Stranger Proved the Importance of Sisterhood

Remarkably, the two mothers never exchanged contact information. With no way to reach out directly to the woman who had helped her so selflessly, Summer turned to Facebook, where she penned a heartfelt message about the mysterious "Jenny" who had been her savior. The post became a testament to the profound bond that connects mothers.

"Motherhood is a sisterhood," she wrote. "I learned that tonight."

The power of social media worked its magic, and the post eventually made its way to Jenny. The two mothers reunited over Zoom, rekindling their connection in the virtual world. It was a reunion filled with gratitude and emotions.

In a world often marked by skepticism and cynicism, this story is a shining example of the beauty of human kindness. It's a reminder that the bonds of motherhood are universal, transcending boundaries and backgrounds. When one mother extends a hand to another, the result is a heartwarming tale that inspires us all to be a little kinder and a little more compassionate, just like Jenny.

Guardian angels might just come in the form of strangers, but their kindness can leave an indelible mark on our lives. Summer Erdel's journey was transformed not by superheroes in capes but by a fellow mother who understood her struggles and offered a helping hand without expecting anything in return.

This heartwarming tale is a testament to the enduring power of empathy, compassion, and the beautiful sisterhood of motherhood.

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