A little went a long way for one hardworking man.

Having a dream is important, but it can be hard to realize that dream without the proper funds. We all know that eventually, hard work and determination will pay off, but sometimes we need a little help from an unexpected source to really manifest those dreams into reality.

And that’s exactly what this taco-dreaming cook received one day when he came across a social media influencer.

A Viral TikTok

a man wearing a black and red outfit

There are plenty of places to eat in San Diego, but it was Blue Fire Bliss that attracted a social media influencer named Jesus Morales one day. The taco stand was owned by a man named Teodoro Jimenez. One day, Morales offered to pay Jimenez for all the tacos he could sell in an hour.

This was all captured in a now-viral video on TikTok, of course. Within 60 minutes, Jimenez managed to sell $600 worth of tacos. It was a great little sum for the stand, but Morales had another trick up his sleeve. After paying for the tacos, he also gave Jimenez a hefty, $1,000 tip.

Jimenez immediately started to cry. The gesture was so unexpected, and it touched his heart. What Morales didn’t realize was that Jimenez was also crying because the money put him just a little bit closer to making his dream of owning a food truck a reality.

Another Twist

Morales was touched by the taco stand owner, but he wasn’t the only one. As the video continued to go viral, many wanted to help the cook purchase his taco truck. So they began seeking out the stand and giving Jimenez and his family their business.

Meanwhile, Morales began a GoFundMe campaign to gather donations towards the cause as well. Eventually, he pulled together $50,000, which he gave to the touched owner.

“Believe me, I didn’t expect it; my dreams, I thought were never going to come true, that they were never going to be realized,” Jimenez told an NBC News affiliate. “Thank you for blessing me. I feel very blessed, and I also want to bless you.”

The money was enough for Jimenez to purchase his food truck, from which he now serves tacos along with a variety of other handheld items. Even Morales wasn’t sure they would get there, but he was happy to help make it happen.

“It gives me great joy because seeing Teodoro, his family, and the business moving forward is a blessing, and I hope it continues like this,” he added.

Supporting Local

Jimenez is a great example of how, with some hard work and a little luck, dreams do come true. He also reminds us how much we rely on our communities in order for those dreams to happen.

Meanwhile, this heartwarming story inspires us to support local shops and vendors whenever we can. When we do, we are helping others to continue to fulfill their dreams.

So the next time you can frequent a local restaurant or shop or pick up your groceries at a farmer’s market, remember that doing so isn’t just helping out a local business. You may also be investing in someone else’s dream.