How he made a name for himself and gained the respect of an industry.

Robbie Wilde is an extraordinary individual who has defied the odds.

He is fully deaf in one ear and has 20% hearing in the other, however Robbie refused to let his disability hold him back from pursuing his passion for music.

Through the clever use of technology and his other senses, Robbie has developed a unique approach to music production that has earned him international recognition and a dedicated fan base. In addition to his music career, Robbie is a powerful motivational speaker and advocate for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

“I lost my hearing when I was seven, due to severe ear infections and high fevers…My parents were immigrants to this country so we didn’t have the proper health insurance, plus it was in the 90s so it wasn’t too much information. “I learned how to adapt by reading lips and body language” he told a publication.

He Won’t Let Himself Be Defined by His Condition

Impressively, Robbie makes music and mixes by feeling the vibrations that the sound makes, as well as the visual cues from the DJ software that indicate the timing of drums for example. “Music, it involves hearing yes but a big part is feeling too, the vibrations hitting your bones,” said Robbie.

This process is also aided by certain new technology, such as the SubPac— a backpack meant to emphasize bass vibrations in the body.

In an interview, Robbie said “We do have SubPac now [a backpack-like, portable subwoofer], who we work with. They supply bass. We have a sponsorship. We’re working with them in regards to having my own line. It’s something you put on your chair, but I also have a mobile one. It sends outs the low frequencies. When I do my work in the studio, that’s how I get the full experience of being at the club with a lot of music.”

He is adamant about not wanting to be characterized by his condition, committed instead to being a great DJ. His hard work led him to a DJ school were he honed his skill of turn-tabling, and caught the eyes of many bookers and agents. He eventually landed in a few commercials, notably for Windows and HP, that thrust him into the public eye.

His career as a DJ began in college. His parents owned a restaurant, and Wilde’s father gave me the opportunity to DJ a party one night. He remembers the experience as the moment he fell in love with the turntables. Like anyone starting out, he then began on the circuit of small clubs in the tri-state area, from New Jersey to New York to Connecticut, and eventually also in Atlanta and Chicago.

The Right Mindset Can Achieve Anything

Now, many years later, no one can deny Robbie his place in the music scene. He never let his condition hold him back, and from a young age was determined to follow his dreams. He is an inspiration, and has even inspired other DJ’s who are also hard of hearing. There was even an event called Deaf Rave in the UK, which first took place in 2003. The event sold over 700 tickets, and saw attendees flying in from all over the world.

In a piece he penned himself, Robbie wrote: “When it comes down to it, life’s not about all the small negative things you encounter. It’s about being yourself and doing what you love to be happy. If you love something so much and have great passion for it, then just go for it. My team and I like to use the expression “Why not … ?”

This mentality is an inspiring one to people everywhere facing hurdles of any kind.

Despite being born deaf, Robbie never let his disability hold him back from pursuing his dreams of becoming a DJ. Through hard work and dedication, he not only achieved his goals but also became a source of inspiration for others around the world trying to reach theirs.

Robbie’s story shows that with the right mindset, anything is possible, and that our limitations never define us. His passion for music and his unwavering spirit serve as a reminder that we can overcome any obstacle and achieve greatness if we put our minds to it. Robbie’s journey is a true inspiration, and his legacy will continue to inspire.