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Teen Works Hard to Pay For Her Dream College - Gives Her Entire Savings to Her Mom Instead After Finding Out She’s in Debt
Texas Teen Gives Up Entire College Savings to Help Her Mom Pay Rent
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Teen Works Hard to Pay For Her Dream College - Gives Her Entire Savings to Her Mom Instead After Finding Out She’s in Debt

Alondra Carmona was accepted to her dream school in New York City.

It takes a special kind of person to be giving when they have nothing. Recently, one aspiring Texas teenager gave up her college savings to help her mom pay rent.

Alondra Carmona is an 18-year-old senior at YES Prep East End in Houston, Texas. She was recently accepted to Barnard College, an Ivy League liberal arts college for women located in New York City. 

Why One Teen Gave Up Her Dream of Going to College

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Alondra was granted $60,000 a year from Barnard College but her tuition is $78,000. She knew that she needed to work to make up the difference and be able to attend her dream school. With summer internships and a part-time job at Chipotle, Alondra had roughly $1,800 in savings.

Shortly after her acceptance, Alondra was faced with tough news from her mother, Martha. Her mother told her that she had been out of work for 3 months and that she owed the landlord $2,000. With a foot injury and impending surgery, Martha would not be able to find work for the next while. 

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“She said that she hasn’t had a job for 3 months,” Alondra said, “And right when she told me that, I kinda wanted to cry because I knew then that I had to accept that I wasn’t going to be able to go to Bernard.” At this low moment, Alondra extended a helping hand to her mother, who she calls her hero. She offered her mother the $1,800 she had saved to keep the roof over their heads.

“I knew I wanted to help her so I really didn’t even think twice about it.” Alondra said, “I told her I’d give her my savings and then make the GoFundMe and see if I can replace the money that was in my savings.”

How Strangers Stepped in to Help the Teen With the Big Heart

The goal Alondra set on GoFundMe was $30,000. In the next few days, her story caught widespread attention and strangers from all over the world helped her raise over $125,000. Her dream was reinstated, she is able to attend Bernard and not have to worry about her mom’s financial situation. Alondra will be majoring in neuroscience and minoring in Latin American studies. 

“I have worked so hard to get to Bernard and I didn’t think was going to get to go.” Alondra said, “You all have made it possible for me to go to Bernard with basically a full-ride scholarship.” Alondra showed her gratitude to the public who brought her dream of becoming a paediatric neurosurgeon one step closer. 

"I know this is her lifelong dream, and she used to dress up as a doctor when she was little," Martha said, "I'm really happy and proud."

The decision Alondra decided to make was to help her mother when she needed it most. She was willing to give up her whole life savings and a chance at attending her dream school for her family. Karma works in mysterious ways. The public was not going to let her financials get in the way of her future. The universe will always repay those who are willing to help others.

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