The social media sensation surprised his sister when he offered her a portion of his earnings to help get her back on her feet.

When people think of OnlyFans, they don’t usually think about education or student loans. One content creator, however, proved that the platform’s impact goes much further than serving our more primal instincts — it can also change lives! 

What One Content Creator Did With His OnlyFans Paycheck

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TikTok user Tooturnttony is known for his high energy shenanigans featuring his family and his pet duck. On his more private platform, OnlyFans, Tony shows more adult content and serves a different clientele.

When he started this endeavor, he wasn’t sure how much money he would make. As his first OnlyFans paycheck rolled in, it was heftier than he had imagined it would be and he decided to do some good with it

It’s uncommon for the social media lothario to showcase good deeds on his channel, but when his OnlyFans revenue rolled in, Tony decided to make an exception. He posted a TikTok explaining his plan. 

So my first OnlyFans paycheck came in today, and I’m going to use twenty grand of it to pay off my sister’s student loans.

TikTok user Tooturnttony

How a TikTok Star Used His Money in an Impactful Way

The video goes on to show Tony and his ever-present pet duck barging into his family home and throwing a leather bag full of bills at his sister. When she questions what the bag of money is all about, he tells her that they are for her student loans. Then, he specifies that they were paid in full by his genitalia.

His sister, in shock over the gesture, answers, “That’s really weird but thank you,” as she hugs her brother. Adding to the comedic moment, Tony’s mother thanks him for his generous gift to his sister, but suggests he use future money to buy his own house and stop annoying his family. 

Nobody would argue that Tooturnttony is a regular good samaritan known for his philanthropy. Nevertheless, as soon as he had the opportunity, he did something noble and impactful with his money instead of blowing it all on material goods like a new car or jewelry.

Those of us who identify with Tooturnttony can take a page out of his book: Any time the opportunity presents itself, do something good with what you have. Doing good can also be fun and silly, it doesn’t always have to be so serious!


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