A TikToker used his platform to transform a homeless woman’s desperate situation, showing the power of using influence to positively impact people’s lives.

Skid row

Life has been rough for Robin Clayton. For over 10 years, she had been living on the streets after escaping an abusive relationship. Her home was a makeshift tent surrounded by garbage.

Her situation caught the eye of Tik-Toker and jewelry designer Isaiah Garza (@isaiahgarza). With over 3 million followers, Garza’s bling has been worn by celebs such as Khloe Kardashian, rapper Cardi B and Rihanna.

Along with jewelry, Garza routinely uses his platform to give back. As someone who grew up in a poor community, he knows all about going without and many of his videos show him helping the homeless.

In a series of videos, Garza and the shy, mild-mannered Clayton quickly struck up a friendship. Garza told KABC that she made an immediate impression on him.

“She just has a way of making you smile whenever you’re around her. She’s hilarious.”

– Isaiah Garza

Over time, cameras followed as Garza bought the barefoot Clayon a pair of shoes, food and even a cell phone. On another occasion, he booked her an appointment to get her nails done and hair braided.

Look in the box

However, the best was yet to come. Little did Clayton know, Garza had started a Go Fund Me page for a life-changing gift.

One day, he pulled up to say hi and gave her a box with keys in it.

“I got you an apartment. You’re no longer homeless and you ain’t never going back.”

– Isaiah Garza

“You’re crazy,” responded Clayton.

Yet after a brief blindfolded trip, Garza revealed that it was true and then some: With the help of his followers, Garza managed to raise enough money to get Clayton not only a two-year lease on an fully-furnished apartment, but also food, a car and healthcare.

To make it feel like home, he framed a photo of the two friends on the dresser table.

Kindness changes lives

Clayton was moved.

“You have put an impact on my life,” she said.

“Due to my past, the things that I’ve been through and just conquering all of that and being able to just be here today is a miracle.”

– Robin Clayton

What’s next for Clayton? “Her and I have discussed so many things for this new year. More importantly, we are finding ways to bring her new income via TikTok sponsorships and her having a new business that I’m helping her with,” says Garza.

It can be easy to look at California’s homelessness surge with indifference and see numbers instead of people. But even changing one life is everything.

Because of Isaiah Garza, Clayton can not only make a life for herself, but she can pay it forward by lifting up others from difficult circumstances.

The best part: You don’t need three million followers to make a difference — just a commitment to give back a fraction of what you’re blessed to have.

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