Tom Brady – Earn It

Football Legend Tom Brady shares his uneasy experience when he was a young team player and how he earned his place.


“I didn’t have an easy experience. I didn’t have come in as a top-rated recruit. I didn’t come in with the opportunity to play right away. I had to earn it. You know what the greatest honor I’ve ever received as a player is? In my fourth year and my fifth year, I was named team captain. That to this day is the single greatest achievement I’ve ever had as a football player, because the men in this room chose me to lead their team. These were my best friends. These were the guys that knew that I liked to work, that knew that I loved football, that knew that I loved to play, that knew that I wanted to be the quarterback for Michigan.

All the lessons that I learned here on State Street and in the big house, that’s still what I bring to practice today. After 14 years, I love the game more than I’ve ever loved it. Where did I learn the love for the game? Where did I learn to practice? Where did I learn to compete? It was sitting in the same chairs that you guys are sitting in today.”