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Watch Tony Robbins In Action and Discover the True Power of Success

Watch Tony Robbins In Action and Discover the True Power of Success

We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.

-- Tony Robbins

"I'm not afraid anymore," said Maria on the phone to her partner of 16 years after attending a Tony Robbins seminar that shook her to the core.


The reason she even signed up for the seminar was that she had reached a stopping point in her life. It was like she was living on autopilot. She felt unhappy and her confidence was on its last legs.

After rolling the idea around in her head for weeks, she finally took a step back and decided to look for help. A mentor, a book, a motivating article, anything. What she found was a TED Talk by motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

The video was only 30 minutes long, but she was blown away by what Robbins had to say. So she dug deeper and signed up for his upcoming seminar. "To say the event was life-changing is an understatement," said Maria with a smile.

His words, stories, and forceful delivery dislodged something heavy that had been weighing her down for years. She felt lighter, more confident, and free to do what she'd always wanted. It was the ultimate turning point in her once-stagnated life.

This is what actress and TV host Maria Menounos described in an interview with Shape. And she's not alone, celebrities all over the world have looked to Tony Robbins for a much-needed push -- including Oprah, Bill Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Princess Diana, and Hugh Jackman.

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a guy like Tony Robbins slash your fears and help you bring out your best self too? Well, you clicked here for a reason. Turns out Tony Robbins is coming to Canada and you're invited to see him.

See Tony Robbins live in Vancouver

This entrepreneur, philanthropist, and world authority on leadership psychology isn't just for the celebs. On August 6th, 2018, Tony Robbins will be in Vancouver for "The Power of Success," a one-day mega event that can help you unleash your full potential. It's going to be an energizing day of powerful stories, refreshing advice, and incredible fun.

Maybe you want to improve your business, breathe excitement into your personal relationships, or just feel empowered to move forward in life. Whatever it is, this is the event that will push you to finally make it happen.

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."

-- Tony Robbins.

The best part? It's not just Tony Robbins who will be doling out life-altering wisdom. Here's what else you can expect to learn at "The Power of Success."

Master your work-life balance

Ever heard of Loretta LaRoche? She's a witty, fun-filled speaker, author, and international stress expert (yes, that's a thing). Unlike most boring seminars about how to deal with stress, LaRoche uses humor and optimistic psychology to teach you how to live a healthy life while balancing a demanding career.

Improve your relationships7 Lessons I've Learned from Living with the Love of My Life

John Gray wrote the famous relationship book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. Dr. Gray will be at the event to help men and women understand each other better.

If you're not the greatest at working with people or think you could improve as a leader, then Dr. Gray will give you the skills to enhance your personal and professional relationships.

Free yourself from self-doubt

Jen Sincero is a New York Times bestselling author who is ready to help you crush your doubts and live your best life. She's sassy, down-to-earth, and gives the kind of practical tips that are simply too easy to ignore.

Sincero will teach you to find internal strength and overcome obstacles (especially when the biggest obstacle is yourself).

Get tips for financial success

Phil Town is another New York Times bestselling author who went from digging ditches and pumping gas to earning $1.45 million in investments.

If your finances leave much to be desired, then this is a talk you'll want to hear. He'll be giving tips used by Warren Buffet himself to help you reach your own financial success.

Learn powerful communication skills


Bob Kittel is a renowned speaker who has in the company of U.S. presidents and international world leaders. He's fun, energetic, and knows how to make an impact.

Kittel will be giving the 101 on successful communication and confident living. He'll also reveal some pretty amazing memory techniques so you can finally remember what was on your to-do list or the name of that person you just shook hands with.

Want to get the top strategies for success?

We can all agree that the event looks very promising, but the next question is whether the entrance fee is even within your reach.

Like most events, there are various tickets at different price points. One even includes lunches, books, and photos with Tony Robbins! The general ticket is $197, but -- and this is where you get really excited -- since you're reading this on Goalcast, you can get $100 off using the promo code GOALCAST.

That means you can learn everything from business to personal development for a measly $97. Considering what you probably spend on a night out or on Amazon, this is a very small price to pay for lifelong happiness.

If your goal is to strip away your doubts and empower yourself with the confidence to move forward in life, get your ticket here, and remember:

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.

-- Tony Robbins

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