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This Woman Lost Half Her Weight So She Could Be a Better Mom
transformation story chelsea dixon

This Woman Lost Half Her Weight So She Could Be a Better Mom

Chelsea Dixon weighed almost 300 lbs when she realized she needed to make a major change in her life if she wanted to be there for her kids.

Chelsea Dixon decided it was time to make some major lifestyle changes early last year, after realizing her weight was stopping her from providing her children with the life they deserved.

"I wasn't happy with how I looked," Dixon, a mother of 4, told 9Honey. "Then I stepped on the scales in mid February and it said I weighed 130kg".

Being a busy mom, Chelsea had been focused on making sure her family stayed healthy and happy, but in the meantime had neglected her own health.

Chelsea knew going cold turkey wasn't the way

"I knew I couldn't go cold turkey and give up everything," she said "so I started out slowly, increasing my exercise and making small changes to my diet. I thought I'd just eat healthy and see where that goes".

Wanting to do better for her children, she decided to sign up for the Healthy Mummy weight loss program, and right away started a challenge.

"I started out by cutting out fizzy drinks," she said. "I was drinking diet drinks but I didn't like them so I stopped drinking them. Then I started to exercise. I also replaced my deep fryer with an air-fryer, cutting out the oil."

To be at a healthy weight, Dixon was told she’d have to lose a minimum of 60kg, which at first she didn’t think was realistic.

"I originally started out just wanting to lose 5kg, but when I began seeing results the more encouraging it was to lose more,” said Dixon.

Feeling empowered by her progress, she continued her weight loss journey until she lost 55kg, and today she feels healthier and happier than ever.

I'm a better role model [to my kids] now I'm healthier and fitter. They see a different side to me.

Chelsea Dixon

A family affair

Chelsea admitted that changing her diet and learning to cook healthier was a challenge at first, since she was cooking not only for herself, but also for her husband and 4 kids.

"They can be fussy," she laughed. “But they are slowly asking for new foods that they like."

Now, Dixon is on mission to teach her children that making healthy lifestyle choices doesn’t have to be hard, or more expensive.

I want to encourage them to be better versions of themselves.

Chelsea Dixon

Chelsea's advice for those who are ready for change

Since reaching her weight loss goal in less than a year, Chelsea is now preparing to run two half marathons this year.

"It was meant to be one but one of the other Healthy Mummies is running one too so we'll support each other,” she said.

Her advice for anyone wanting to lose weight is to take the time to learn about healthy nutrition and surround yourself with a team of people who care about your success.

“Taking things slowly and learning portion sizes and eating things in moderation really helps - giving up everything cold turkey is too hard," said Chelsea.

And support, support is the most important thing.

Chelsea Dixon

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