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Woman Went from "Morbidly Obese" to Losing 100 Lbs against All Odds
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Woman Went from "Morbidly Obese" to Losing 100 Lbs against All Odds

Rayy Syymone Hardy lost 100 lbs by switching to an active vegan lifestyle and now coaches others on their own transformation journeys.

Once you have overcome hardships in your life it often becomes clear that you want to help others do the same. Jumping over hurdle after hurdle to the point where you achieve a certain level of societal success can often leave you with a clearer vision of how to tackle difficult problems. In this respect, you then obtain the ability to pay it forward.

Rayy Syymone Hardy lost 100 lbs using exercise and a vegan diet. Syymone Hardy was born with a nevus, a potentially cancerous mole located on her back, and she had to undergo multiple surgeries as a result. Doctors and family also discouraged Rayy from engaging in physical activity.

The social influencer changed her life around after a hospitalization for an internal blockage. On her hospital discharge sheet it read, “morbidly obese.” Rayy Syymone Hardy knew right then and there that it was time to grab the reigns on her health and make a change.

Take care of yourself before you can take care of others

Rayy tells 24Life, “I was suffering from depression as a result of trauma I experienced as a kid, and I was wearing that trauma on my body. Now, I’m in a healthy relationship, but about three years ago I got a little too comfortable with that newfound happiness, and I gained weight.”

Syymone Hardy decided to get proactive about her physical health. She continues saying, “I started to exercise and hired a personal trainer. But I also wanted to help other people. I eventually got certified to be a personal trainer myself and started sharing my journey with my followers.”

Keeping it real about her mental health and that element of the journey, Rayy reveals, “I still struggle with my food addiction, and it’s been tough to battle with that. I still have moments where I’m very depressed. It helps me realize that we’re all in this together.”

Syymone Hardy encourages others to begin their health transformation journeys saying, “Where you are right now is the perfect time to start. You should start right where you are.”

Where you are right now is the perfect time to start. You should start right where you are.

Rayy Syymone Hardy

Rayy Syymone Hardy inspires people to take control of their situations and get back on track daily. The social influencer shares, “I work at an adult school with people who are dealing with homelessness and depression. A lot of what I do is inspiring people and teaching life skills like how to groom yourself, how to take care of yourself.”

In addition to working at the adult school, Rayy says, “I also work with clients online as a virtual personal trainer, I’m launching my own fitness clothing line, and I have a fitness equipment line with resistance bands. I want people to stay active at home, and I want them to feel good about themselves, so my fitness apparel is geared towards people who are starting out, who shouldn’t have to worry if things are too tight or transparent.”

The fitness trainer says that it is important to improvise and keep going. Rayy recalls, “COVID really kicked me in the butt. I attended the gym five to seven days a week and when the gym was taken away it felt like my outlet was ripped away. When I couldn’t do that, I had to scale back and say, ‘Well I don’t have the fitness equipment I want, but there’s still a lot of things I can do.’”

Syymone Hardy adds, “Just like you have to say, ‘Hey, OK, I gained a few pounds, but I still haven’t given up on myself and I’m going to find alternatives.’”

“Now I use the 24 Hour Fitness outdoor gyms, and I was also fortunate to be able to purchase a squat rack for my home. Not everyone has that ability. I think regardless of your resources, it’s important to find alternatives.”

She believes mental health is just as important as physical health

Rayy believes mental health to be a key part of the physical transformation journey. She says, “The world is finally starting to focus more on mental health. For so long, people avoided it. People say it’s only you keeping yourself from getting to where you want to go. And people have responsibilities like kids, and they say they things like they want to get healthy to be there for their kids.”

Syymone Hardy continues promoting the importance of prioritizing your mental health saying, “But I think the mindset that’s healthiest is taking care of yourself and putting your health first. You have to make sure you’re healthy first, so you can take care of other people.”

But I think the mindset that’s healthiest is taking care of yourself and putting your health first

Rayy Syymone Hardy

Transforming her own life felt so good that Rayy was inspired to help others do the same. In the process, she not only maintains an active and healthy vegan lifestyle for herself but she pays it forward so that others can reap the benefits of living their best lives.

In the wise words of Rayy Syymone Hardy, “No matter where you’re starting, you can make it happen for yourself.” Do not be discouraged by the size of the hurdle in front of you, but find a way to overcome it. And most importantly, start wherever you are, no matter how impossible obtaining your goal may seem.

Day one may not receive the same amount of praise as day 365, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it is not just as important. Take the first step, and step into your new life.

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