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Uber Driver Acts Like Woman's Boyfriend To Avoid Potential Assault
Brandon Gale Uber Driver
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Uber Driver Acts Like Woman's Boyfriend To Avoid Potential Assault

One Uber driver's five-star acting job could have very well helped a distressed woman escape a nightmare.

A strange request

Brandon Gale was busy Ubering around clients during his area's annual fair when a new ride request flashed on his screen. About a minute later, the rider sends him a text message.

"I just need you to act like you know me, and you're not my Uber driver."

Though unusual, the request alerts Gale that something's seriously off. He removes his Uber and Lyft stickers and reluctantly puts his wedding ring away to look the part.

A drive for help

Gale's suspicions are confirmed when he pulls up to his client in a parking lot. She was with a man "who seemed less than thrilled" when Brandon arrived.

The woman looked distressed.

"Her body language towards the guy gave off a very 'stay right where you are, and I’ll be over here' vibe."

Brandon Gale

What happens next is Oscar-worthy.

"I rolled down the window. She looked over and yelled, 'Hi, babe! I’ll be right there!'" Gale recalls.

"I didn’t want to leave her hanging, so I shouted back, 'Awesome because I’m starving!' I waved at the guy. He half-assedly waved back.’"

He finds out the real story

When they finally drive away, the trembling passenger reveals what happened. She had turned down advances from a man among her group of friends "who had a history of being aggressive."

When she began walking to her car, the man followed her and offered her a ride. That's when she texted Gale.

Trust your instincts

Gale is concerned less with attention and more about raising awareness.

"If hearing this story helps even one person get out of a scary or awkward situation, I’m satisfied."

Brandon Gale

He followed his instinct and was able to help a woman in need. And who knows what could have happened had she not had the brilliant idea of orchestrating the Uber text?

Your gut is a very powerful, underrated asset in everyday life situation and this story is a reminder to listen to it -- it might very well save you or someone else.

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