In a world where adversity often overshadows positivity, stories like this one offer hope and inspiration.

This heartwarming video might alter your entire day.

In a news cycle typically overwhelmed with stories of strife, the video brings a refreshing narrative to the media circuit– one of empathy, joy, and selflessness.

The video shows an unnamed man visiting an orphanage in Uganda, to the immense joy of the children living there.

As the man turns the corner, into the children’s view, their screams of joy are heard off screen as they come running to his outstretched arms. He gets bombarded by a horde of kids, in a massive group hug that exudes elation.

The Joy Comes Back Around

Apparently, the unnamed man has taken it upon himself to help the orphanage in various ways– donating money, supplies, and his time in the past.

In the video, he is greeted as a familiar face, and a very welcomed one at that. It is unclear how recently he was there, but the children seem to be ecstatic to see him.

The orphanage, located in a remote region of Uganda, has faced its fair share of challenges. The orphanage has limited resources, and a serious lack of funding. This makes it difficult to provide support for the children living there, who are already in a trying circumstance.

However, when this man visited years ago, he was struck by the unbridled joy that radiated from the children there, and felt compelled to help.

The video of his return has been viewed millions of time, sparking widespread appreciation and empathy from strangers globally. Such is the beauty of the internet– hopefully the brief video inspires others to think as selflessly, and navigate the world with the same level of generosity.

Happiness in the Face of Difficulty

Many users on Twitter replied to the above video with comments such as “Those rich with love are rich in life,” and “Beautiful friendship.”

In a world where adversity often overshadows positivity, stories like this one offer hope and inspiration. The man’s altruistic actions demonstrate that even the smallest acts of kindness can create a ripple effect of positivity, changing the lives of others in a serious way.

Though it is unclear what the unnamed man did for the children specifically, if their reaction is any indication, he positively impacted their lives in a serious way.

The children in the video also represent a certain joy in the face of difficulty, one that spills over and rises above obstacles.

While it might be easy for them to commiserate about their circumstance, they seem to possess a happiness that radiates in the face of difficulty. In this way, they are also a huge inspiration, showcasing the importance and power of positive mindset, and gratitude.