Jack Lalanne – Smile, Enjoy, Appreciate


“You notice how the people in this great country of ours are so unhappy. You don’t see very many smiling people anymore. People have lost the ability to smile. This is right. Next time you walk down the street or you’re in a bus or a street car, you’ll see what I’m talking about. You see the people with their long faces, they’re out of condition, but they have everything. They have all the money in the world, and all these modern conveniences. What’s the matter with the people?

Well, this is what I think. People have gotten so far away from the natural way they should be living that they have lost the ability to be happy anymore. What’s the good of living? What’s the good of making a lot of money? What’s the good at having fine clothes and driving a fancy automobile if you’re miserable all the time? I am convinced, if you will spend just a little more time trying to eat better, eat the foods in their natural state because we have gotten so far away from our natural eating habits. It’s pathetic.

Eat more fresh foods, fresh vegetables, lean cuts of meat, and another thing is to get more physical activity, because we know that this wonderful body of ours cannot be functioning right, it can’t be happy, and it can’t repair itself properly if you don’t give it the right amount of exercise. We also know if you don’t get enough exercise, each day it affects your mind. Your mind worries. You have these tensions and frustrations that people have too much, and you’re just down in the dumps, and your body is hanging and sagging.

Your face us hanging and sagging. Everything is down. It’s not conducive to smiling and being happy, so please, let’s get back the way nature intended us to be with a smile on our face, and enjoying all the wonderful things that we have in this great land of ours. Let’s appreciate it 24 hours a day.”

– Jack LaLanne