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In the biting cold of a South Dakota winter, Amy Hartsoch and her husband Erik, a couple from North Dakota, found themselves face to face with a man in a wheelchair struggling up an icy hill. His single leg and the treacherous conditions made the ascent nearly impossible.

Amy, moved by compassion, couldn’t turn away. They halted their journey to help Wayne, the man in need, pushing his wheelchair up the slippery slope. Little did they know, this act of kindness would transform not only Wayne’s life but theirs as well.

How Strangers Stepped in to Help a Homeless Man

snow storm

As the wheels turned and the hill was conquered, they discovered Wayne’s heartbreaking reality — he was homeless, relying on the kindness of someone who had paid for his motel room for a brief respite from the bitter cold.

“I was on my second night at a motel which was going to be my last night,” Wayne revealed.

Amy, hearing more of Wayne’s story, felt the pull of empathy. Their decision was spontaneous yet profound — they paid for his room for an additional week. But the chain of generosity didn’t end there.

Compelled to share this story of compassion, Amy took to Facebook, seeking support to extend Wayne’s stay during the winter. The response was overwhelming.

Friends and family rallied together, contributing over $6,300 — enough to ensure Wayne’s shelter and warmth until mid-April. They didn’t stop at monetary assistance; the outpouring of goodwill provided food, a new wheelchair, and essential items.

How One Act of Kindness Changed a Homeless Man’s Life

On her Facebook page, Amy joyfully shared, “Because of the love and generosity of ALL OF YOU.. we raised $6,350 for Wayne!! THANK YOU For giving and helping someone in need!”

Wayne, deeply moved, expressed, “I wasn’t expecting the blessing.” His prayers for help, uttered just two days before encountering Amy, were seemingly answered.

With gratitude in his heart, Wayne dreams of transitioning from the motel to an apartment, his hopes kindled by the unexpected angels, Amy and Erik.

In a reflection of her faith, Amy shared Wayne’s sentiment, “I’m a man of faith. God brought Amy into my life.” Her words resonated with a profound truth, “God is real, He is here, He is at work!” It’s a testament to the belief that small acts of kindness, like helping someone up an icy hill, can have a ripple effect, changing the world for one person.