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Woman Gets a Last Minute Invitation to a Wedding - Finds Out They Just Want to Use Her for Free Makeup
Woman Gets Invited to Wedding, Finds Out They Want to Use Her for Free Makeup
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Woman Gets a Last Minute Invitation to a Wedding - Finds Out They Just Want to Use Her for Free Makeup

*Featured image contains photo by Kayla Renee and Chalo Garcia

Whittling down the guest list is easily one of the most difficult parts of any wedding — no wonder people elope!

But in an attempt to cut down the number of people at the wedding while saving a dime, a maid of honor invited a woman just to do makeup for the bridal party without even offering her a dinner plate.

Unexpected Invitation

wedding invitation
Photo by Tara Winstead

In a since-deleted Reddit post, u/heatherborne recounted a cringe-worthy situation about an invite to her husband's cousin's wedding.

In the post, she explained that her husband got an invite, but she didn't, which wasn't really a big deal.

"Honestly, don't care. There's a pandemic, they might have a severely restricted guest list, I don't know them," she said, according to Bored Panda.

Besides, the cousins weren't invited to the Redditor's wedding as there were just six people including the bride and groom.

"But then I got an email from the maid of honor asking me if I'm working that day, it's a Saturday so I'm not and then she asked me to come," she wrote. "Of course, I'd be happy to!"

Unpaid Staff

It turns out she wasn't technically invited. They wanted her to arrive at 7 AM to do the bride and bridal party's makeup (a total of 8 people) — and then stay for touch-ups throughout the day.

And get this — she isn't even a working makeup artist.

"I haven't worked as a makeup artist in a long time. I'm a corporate executive for a makeup brand, I started my career at a counter when I was in college but I'm not a working makeup artist anymore," she said.

"When I explained this she asked 'but you still know how and have the stuff?' Well, yes but... 'then I don't see what your point is, I'll send you an email with all the info.'"

The Redditor doesn't have a makeup kit, but the maid of honor didn't believe her because she works for a brand and should get plenty of samples for free. Oh, and she needed to bring individual lipsticks for each member of the bridal party in the same color.

But this has to be the worst part: "I am to stay the whole day but not as a guest since they didn't pay for a plate for me. I can set up in the back and be ready when the bridal party needs touchups," she wrote.

For some weddings, guests contribute as their gift — but not this one. The Redditor was expected to also give a gift with her husband because "we are family and everyone is pitching in."

She Didn’t Let Them Take Advantage of Her

wedding dinner table
Photo by Nathan Cowley

As to be expected, the woman declined the invitation.

"No I'm not doing it. I was never going to, I thought that was very obvious but I clearly did a very bad job communicating that, sorry," she wrote.

In the comments, users said they did the right thing by not accepting and should enjoy her Saturday at home.

"I wouldn't go out of pride. They only wanted you there when they needed you? They can screw right off then," said one comment, according to Bored Panda.

"That's a summons, not an invite. Glad to see you'll treat it accordingly."

Respect Yourself, and Your Time

Some people actually have no shame — and unfortunately, many respond by doing what those kinds of people want. But not this woman.

She respected herself and her time and wouldn't be taken advantage of. Keep that in mind the next time someone — even family — treats you and your time unfairly.

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