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What I Learned About Living The “Impossible” From Watching Yes Theory
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What I Learned About Living The “Impossible” From Watching Yes Theory

Marc Angelo Coppola provides an insightful account of how Youtube videos helped him take his life to the next level. While many of us may look at Youtube as a simple way to relax or unwind, the content available in that vast platform can sometimes life-changing.

I don’t know about you but for me watching YouTube is my favorite way to kill time but also to learn more about the world and well let’s just say I’ve fallen down a few video rabbit holes in my day…

It seems like an overwhelming amount of content is clickbait or some kind of reaction video jumping on the trending bandwagon of content to help increase the numbers and carve out an audience and make that YouTube ad money.

However here and there you can come across some creators who are truly inspiring. Unlike the rest, they have found a way to make eye catching titles and thumbnails while also having storylines that contain real substance. Real character development and storytelling done from the one of the most genuinely interesting mottos a group can have - seek discomfort.

I’m talking about the guys at Yes Theory - although there are definitely some other creators who have done a great job as well - there are honestly very few that seem as wholesome and sincerely inspiring than what the crew of Yes Theory have put forward.

If you haven’t seen their channel yet you’re missing out and I suggest you head over there and give it a sub but if you need a bit more convincing here are a few life lessons I have learnt from them and how you can apply them in your own life!

P.S. I don’t know them but genuinely just love and study their content!

1-Having a strong sense of “why?” even in the face of adversity is truly rare and empowering in this world

So many people have the resolve to do something great - but the second they are met with the barriers blocking the entrance to their dreams, they shy away. 

Perhaps, we point the fingers at others in our lives, like our parents who don’t approve or perhaps we feel like outsiders who don’t have access to the people, places and resources that can make our dreams happen. Yet, if you watch Yes Theory videos you recognize that all these points are only excuses.

To watch Ammar (one of the founders of Yes Theory) stay dedicated to his dreams regardless of his family's disapproval of his lifestyle choices makes you realize how powerful a commitment to an idea bigger than yourself can make you.

The guys find creative ways to make something happen out of nothing or sneak backstage into sold out events reveals just how amazing this world can be when you decide the “impossible” is worth a try.

So whether you decide to face your fears of the cold through breath work with Wim Hof or you dare to quit your day job to pursue your dreams of being an artist, one thing remains clear: having a motto or a strong sense of “why?” behind your mindset is so important.

The Yes Theory crew created a way to interrupt the pattern for themselves by slowly but surely leaning into their motto of seeking discomfort. This is what led to the lifestyle they get to enjoy today.

It didn’t start with giant leaps of faith but more so with incremental gains that confirmed that every time they leaned in - they would somehow shatter their fears and recognize the thrill that is on the other side. 

Do this enough and, through the power of positive reinforcement, you begin to paint the world with a whole new shade of possibility as your life’s motto need be more than just a meme on Instagram or a “saying” but more so a lifestyle decision you fully commit to in all facets of your existence.

Key takeaway & actionable step: so what about your why?

Take a minute to think about what you would hold onto regardless of situation in your life. Can you identify a guiding force in your decision-making process and path forward? This might not seem simple but at the end of the day this is a strong choice you get to make at some point and could require some massaging.

2 - On the other side of the fear of rejection is a blue ocean of opportunity

I hate to admit how many times I have shied away from an idea that would have been fun or in my highest excitement but was also going to break the barriers of social norms.

Surely you can relate? I mean give it a thought? How often are you letting the uncomfortable stand in the way? Perhaps it’s approaching someone you find cute on the dance floor or going to that party where you know nobody.

Maybe you have larger goals like getting into Harvard or, in Yes Theory’s case, challenging Will Smith to bungee jump over the grand canyon! But the truth is, we all have dreams or ideas in our minds no matter how big or small that we shelve because of fear.

Fear of pushing boundaries that society has set or worse yet the ones in our own mind as we build walls of limitations into our reality daily without always recognizing it.

As children we had such vivid imaginations but we grow up to believe less and less in the magic this world has to offer. We grow up to believe that the “anything is possible mindset” is unrealistic.

I acknowledge that there is real privilege in the world but I also would ask that you recognize just how wild your life can be if you believed you could push the boundaries of your reality no matter where you start from.

Key takeaway & actionable step: can you identify some edges or fears you are holding back from? e

Where are you experiencing this fear and how can you recognize it in the moment and break through?

A good tip I often use is asking myself what would the best version of myself do? This can also be substituted with asking a question about what one of your idols or favorite fictional superheroes would do. 

So whatever is on your impossible list is truly a call to action for you to take on - a list of challenges instead of limitations that you get to fulfill if you’re brave enough to just lean in!

3 - Nothing builds bonds and a family like tribe than overcoming obstacles together

Matheus ferrero tkrrvwxjb 8 unsplash 1024x562

A more subtle component of what the Yes Theory crew have been incredible at demonstrating is the power of going at it together.

So many people want to create an extraordinary life without recognizing that life is really a team sport. Those who you choose to surround yourself with make the biggest impact when it comes to pushing through the resistance that inevitably surfaces no matter what stage of the game you're at.

There is nothing that can replace the power of having a supportive group of friends to help hold you accountable to your commitments and help you recognize any gaps in integrity you might be overlooking.

That meaningful commitment to grow together lead to something that in my mind is significantly less likely to be achieved on your own. It ends up translating into a real community of people leaning into this same palpable force that we are seeing on display.

I can honestly say that as an entrepreneur myself I have come up against this edge so many times and it took me a while to fully learn this lesson. But it’s clear to me now that building a culture of community is the most powerful force in the universe.

There is nothing that can match the force of love for your fellow brothers and sisters. The fastest way to get ahead is to propel those around you further ahead as your ability to lead is measured in your ability to be a great supporter as well.

Many of us are so good at being supporters of others while we struggle to apply that same energy to our own selves. However, by being in a tribe that also encourages and supports you, the power of believing in yourself also spreads.

Therefore, I also tip my hat to the many people who are behind the faces we see in inspiring videos. The managers (shoutout to Zack), talent agents, editors, mentors, clothing company managers and so many more, are also a huge part of what makes the YES movement a force of nature.

This philosophy is felt in their call to action to get their community involved, the power of their Facebook group and so much more!

Key takeaway & actionable Step: who is your tribe?

If you had to start from scratch who are the top 5 people you would surround yourself with, other than your current friends and family? What kind of personality would they have? Can you identify specific people or character types?

Either way, consider beginning to build relationships with these people and find ways to interact with those who lift you up by treating them like they are your close tribe to begin with!

4 - A good story trumps everything

Natasha brazil oby38es7y2m unsplash 1024x556

You see, I’ve wanted to be a YouTube creator for years now and although I’ve created a ton of content over the years, it has for the most part been in service of my business of teaching others. It was much less about the real genuine fun and excitement I want to have in life.

I let building an empire stand in the way of sharing my adventure. But, every once in a while, I am led back to this place through the work of another creator on YouTube, as it reminds me of this deepest truth: that platform occupies a unique position when it comes to teach others.

If you are willing to tell a great authentic story, regardless of the gear, the gimmicks and even any thumbnail wizardry or title clickbait - there is literally nothing that makes content move more than a powerful story.

Yes Theory, like so many creators out there, have mastered the ability to identify stories that many of us can relate to in the various situations they put themselves in. They understand that making a great thumbnail and headline is a powerful way of growing, but so is a dedication to a deeper cause.

I genuinely believe that we all get to be the heroes of our own story. If we choose to suspend the belief of what is normal or possible and lean into the discomfort that might come with the “well, either way it will be one hell of a story” lifestyle, we will experience something magical. It's a magic you will never truly feel unless you are willing to walk that edge in your own life.

To those who courageously dare to live out their dreams and say YES to their own “impossible” story, I can’t thank you enough for genuinely inspiring yet another creator to take the leap alongside you.

Key Takeaway & Actionable Step: What is the story you will write for yourself?

How are you making excuses that you’re allowing these excuses to stand in the way of your dreams?

Nobody will do it for you - so are you ready to seek discomfort in your own life and trust in what happens next?

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