Andy Pallone’s moment of pure Christmas joy spread happiness far beyond his hometown in O’Fallon, Illinois

For Andy Pollone of O’Fallon, Illinois, Santa is still real, even in Andy’s 24th year. This is because of a rare medical condition called 15Q24.

Thanks to a 2017 encounter with a man dressed as Santa, Andy will forever remind us all that believing in Santa — or in anything else that gives us joy — is a beautiful thing at any age.

When Andy Met Santa

Andy Pollone’s mom Jennifer knew her son had a few great loves in life. A few of her son’s favorite things are Harley Davidson motorcycles, hamburgers, and Santa Claus.

Knowing how much Andy loved St. Nick, Jennifer started filming when Andy approached the doors of a Harley Davidson showroom where Santa was greeting visitors. In the clip, we see Andy peering through the glass doors and exclaiming a long, loud, and thrilled “Oh! Ooooooh!”

With his hand clapped over his mouth in utter disbelief, Andy enters the showroom and gleefully cheers: “Santa! Mama, Santa!”

Andy then runs toward “Santa” with open arms and as he reaches his hero, the man in the red suit stands and says: “Hi, buddy! How are ya!”

Andy and Santa embrace and the young man’s face is simply filled with glee. We get the feeling that it’s a moment Andy Pollone will surely remember and cherish forever.

How Andy’s Moment with Santa Touched Lives Far and Wide

For Andy, meeting Santa was a happy moment. But that moment has multiplied into countless hours of happiness given how many times it has been watched and re-watched by people all over the globe.

A quick glance at just a few of the comments left on Facebook and YouTube show how much good the encounter did for people far beyond the Pollone family’s hometown.

Posters left comments like: “I want to hug him right now” and “So much love and happiness. Merry Christmas Andy!” Others expressed deep emotions with words like: “This is truly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

And one recurring theme in the online comments was a sense of gratitude, summed up by one man who said in part: “Made my Christmas. I have watched this over and over. Thank you for posting this.”

Is Santa real? No, not in the classic magical man who lives at the North Pole way. But is the magic of Santa Clause real? Yes, and the joy can be powerful to all.