The 20-year-old had been homeless for 6 months.

Mark Reininga first met Kieran and his mom on the streets of Los Angeles, and after learning they had been living on the streets, decided to help them in a serious way.

How One Stranger Stepped in to Help a Homeless Family

Kieran was 20 years old at the time, and he and his mother had been homeless for 6 months when they met Mark. Mark was drawn to Kieran’s spirit, and after learning that he had dreams of being a game developer, decided to use his platform to help make that a possibility for Kieran.

Mark, previously a professional snowboarder, is now an actor and YouTuber who posts videos online. Knowing he could do more with his thousands of followers than he could on his own, he reached out to them for help.

In the video posted above, Mark documents his journey helping Kieran towards his goal. At first, the two get in Mark’s car to go to Target, where Kieran thinks he is simply going to get some new clothes. What happens after will warm your heart.

People often think of just throwing money at a cause, but Mark went above and beyond to consider all of the moving parts necessary in working towards the life Kieran wanted. First, he takes him shopping, where Kieran picks up dress clothes for job interviews. He even thoughtfully grabs a few items for his mother while at the store.

How One Man Proved the Importance of Gratitude

Mark then films him and his friends setting up a P.O. Box for Kieran, so he can apply for jobs and hear back from employers. While the two are in the car driving back from the store, Kieran shares the importance of gratitude, telling Mark and others in the car that he always remains positive, and thankful for even the smallest things.

The real surprise, however, came after filming. When Mark uploaded the video to his channel, he shares a message at the end, urging viewers to join in and help Kieran and his mother raise enough money to secure an apartment. He shares a link to a fundraiser, adding that 100% of proceeds will go towards apartment rent for the two.

Not long after posting the video, Mark shared an update with his followers. Kieran and his mother were able to move off the streets for good, thanks to the help of strangers from the internet!

He writes that though he gave money to Kieran, he and his friends learned a valuable lesson by helping Kieran — one of gratitude. We all have the ability to impact the lives of others, and Mark demonstrated a level of empathy all should aspire to have.