Times are tough, and you gotta be tougher if you want to get ahead. It’s not enough to just do a job anymore — you have to be a veritable wizard of productivity, slaying countless tasks with an efficiency that leaves lesser folk shocked and awed by your accomplishment. But if you find yourself spending more time being distracted than getting anything done, then this Productivity and Success Bundle is the deal for you. It contains four amazing masterclasses that will whip you into shape and turn you into the productive uber-mensch you’ve always, secretly, known you were capable of becoming.

Up first is the Law of Attraction & Allowing Your Success Masterclass. These 51 lessons include 7 hours of content that will teach you the fundamental values of thinking successfully. It’s been proven that people who imagine themselves as successful are the ones most likely to end up successful, and if you want to change the image of yourself in your head, this class will make it happen.

Next is the Setting and Achieving Goals class. Now, “set goals for yourself” is common advice, but most people send up just setting goals and then feeling terrible about missing them. This class takes it several steps further by giving you real, actionable advice about your goals that will keep them in view and help you actually reach them. Plus it all happens in just one hour of lessons!

Third is the Time Management, Prioritization and Productivity Bundle. This kit dovetails nicely with the first kit by helping you organize your tasks in order of importance and value, making sure you’re accomplishing things in the order they need to happen without anything getting lost or falling through the tracks. Part of this is training your brain to focus, and part of it is learning about how your brain works. 25 lessons, added together to just 90 minutes of your time.

Last but certainly not least is the Become a SpeedDemon class. Just like the name suggests, the SpeedDemon class will turn you into a Quicksilver of productivity, burning through tasks in a fraction of the time other people spend on them without sacrificing any quality. And the speed applies to this class as well, since you can learn all these skills in just 2 and a half hours.

Buying all these classes on their own would cost you $529.96, but we can offer you a special deal now and get all four classes in one bundle for just $19.99. And that’s not even counting the money and time you’ll save once you’ve internalized these skills. Really, the bundle pays for itself.