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woman and man shopping with their daughter and a person writing on a notepad with money placed on the table

Surprised Mom Finds Random Note at Kmat From Love Island Australia Star

Pexels/ Gustavo Fring and Pexels/ Yan Krukau
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Surprised Mom Finds Random Note at Kmart - Then, Strangers Find the Mystery Author

Someone special stocked the shelves at Kmart today.

It's another afternoon in the outback for Australian native Katherine. She's at the Queensland Kmart department store shopping for candles.

That's when her 12-year-old daughter shows her something she's found on one of the shelves. Well, two things, one of which that sends this story on a wild ride.

Kmart Surprise

After composing herself, Katherine takes to Facebook to share her daughter's discovery. It's not long before it catches fire, getting over 5,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

"What a beautiful thing to do! I'd be so overwhelmed if this happened to me," writes one.

"The domino effect of it is truly so amazing and humbling," adds another.

Here is that first 'domino' that Katherine's daughter found that day: Along with a $20 on the shelf is a note that reads:

If you found this, it’s yours. Please keep it as a reminder of your abundance! Money is energy & there’s an infinite supply available.

That's when Katherine posts the sweet note on Facebook, saying that it inspired her daughter.

"'My daughter is 12 years old and keeping the money and we will be adding more to it each week and hoping by December we saved enough to do the same as pay it forward," she writes.

She ends her post with, "Whomever you are who shared your wealth to people, may God bless you and your family. Sharing is caring."

As it turns out, the author -- and their story -- proves to be a smashing sequel.

A Celebrity Scribe Revealed

Greyscale photo of woman doing silent hand signgrayscale photo of woman doing silent hand sign Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

After a little sleuthing, the internet discovers the mystery writer to be Love Island Australia reality star Isabelle Green. She posts to her Instagram, where she posts herself writing and leaving notes in several Kmart Stores (four in all).

She explains to that she credits a random act of kindness she'd received years ago as the motivation behind her sweet scribbles.

“Many, many years ago I found a little card that said ‘Expect a miracle,'" she says. "And it’s actually a business, it’s a company. And he leaves these little cards everywhere and it kind of got me inspired to start doing little things for people where they can expect a miracle."

Despite the fanfare her gesture generated, Green says that she only cares about one person and that's her daughter, Dakota.

"Even though she can’t really understand right now, even her coming along with me she would still be picking up the vibrations of those acts of kindness, the energy of it."

The Importance of Spreading Kindness

A white sign with "be kind" and a red heart written on it.a sign that says be kind on it Photo by Adam Nemeroff on Unsplash

"That's a lovely gesture. Hope you found your abundance, I feel it doesn't have to always be money," another commenter added.

Among the quotes on kindness, one by Claire Strandberg reads, "Teaching kids good manners is teaching them about kindness, consideration, and respect."

It's funny because while they might not share the same social status, Katherine and Green are both rich. Each with a lovely daughter, they each have the kind of abundance a mansion of money can't buy. And now because of one kind gesture, those two girls will inherit it as well.

Now that's generational wealth.

*Featured image contains photo by Gustavo Fring and Yan Krukau

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