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3 Habits That Will Help You Grow Into the Amazing Person You Were Meant to Be
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3 Habits That Will Help You Grow Into the Amazing Person You Were Meant to Be

Growing as a person is indeed hard but it is by no means impossible. All you need is a little determination, a thirst for learning and an infinite love for yourself and the universe around you.

We, as humans, have a tendency to grow weary of the burdening responsibilities and a monotonous routine. However, all we really need is the ability to manage our emotions and accept others and ourselves just as we are.

Only when we let go of things to which we are clinging emotionally, do we get a chance to observe the wonders around us and that is exactly when we learn to grow and be a better person than who we were yesterday, which is all life is really about in the first place.


Given below are three habits that can help you turn into a better version of yourselves:

1. Keeping a journal

There is no way to better emphasize the importance of keeping a journal than placing it as the first habit. Writing about your daily tasks and collecting your day-to-day reflections can help you a lot with coping and managing your emotions. This habit allows you to enjoy a different perspective on life. In fact, it is an extremely healthy way of meditation.

Besides this, you get to read your previous thoughts as well, which can help you a lot in knowing yourself better and learning about your emotions and gradual developments. When you will know what brings you joy, you can do it more often.

2. Finding pleasure in solitude

Whether you have spent your teenage partying around or as a nerd buried inside books, adulthood will eventually teach you the importance of solitude. Being able to enjoy your own company is one of the greatest gifts that you can have.

Solitude is the fuel for personal growth as it allows you to know yourself. When you study your own psychology and temperament, then and only then do you try to change what should be changed and finally accept what cannot be changed.

3. Doing what you love and going for it

In our treasure hunt for the highest paying job and easy luxury, we often lose sight of what is much more important—personal satisfaction. There is no way you will ever stop whining if you keep doing something you hate for the major part of your day, for the rest of your life.

If you do not like how things are, change it! You are not a tree.

-- Jim Rohn

If you do not already know what you love to do, then find it. There is always something out there and there is a major chance that you are avoiding it only because it does not pay very well, needs you to work harder, or in some cases, is even unconventional for the society in which you live.

In any case, stop doing whatever you are doing which is not bringing any satisfaction to you or your employer and start doing what brings a smile to your face. Money will come if there is passion and every time you do what you love and every time you improvise upon it, you will grow!

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