Rob Fajardo – The Faith To Do

“The mediocre man’s life ends at 40 where the genius’s life starts at 40, because only a genius can continue to grow as they get older. Because if you’re not growing, then you’re dying. Each man and woman has a consummate inner genius within them. However, it’s either your awareness or unawareness of this infinite power inside of you that determines your output. What I wanted to touch on are three key things that you need to move you forward in life right now. Number one is you need the knowledge of this inner genius. Two, the courage to dare, and three the faith to do.

If you guys can combine those three things and you can move forward with reckless abandonment towards the things that make you happy, satisfied, and fulfilled without the worry of what other people are going to say about you or without anything holding back guys. Remember, those three things the knowledge of your inner genius. Second, the courage to dare and third, the faith to do.”

– Rob Fajardo, Co-Founder of Leave Normal Behind