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4 Ways to Boost your Energy
4 ways to boost your energy
Diet & Exercise

4 Ways to Boost your Energy

Do you notice that some days are just easier than others? It’s easier to wake up, it's easier to make decisions, it's easier to attend to your work and it's much easier to achieve your goals. Other days are the complete opposite, everything is difficult and getting to your goal seems nearly impossible. Ever wondered why?

It has to do with our energy levels during the day. Our energy level affects how we feel which in turn affects how much effort we put into our daily activities. Research shows that our energy level itself is affected by everything around us, things we do and things we don't do. Obviously keeping track of everything would be impossible, but there are a few major factors that I encourage you to pay attention to, in order to keep your energy levels high throughout the day, every day!

Here Are 4 Ways to Boost your Energy

Stay Rested

The most important thing is to get enough rest and sleep. Sleeping is the human body’s way of restoring its energy and to attend to its major functions. When you sleep at night your body is awake actively replenishing, restoring and healing different systems and organs involved in our everyday life. Also remember that even if you slept well during the night, it is also important to give your body sufficient rest time in order to integrate and restabilize throughout the day. You might think that you don't have time for this, but just remember that as little as 5 minutes of quiet time is enough to rebalance the nervous system and replenish your energy levels.

Eat Healthy

The second factor is what you choose to feed your body. What we ingest into our body has been proven to influence our productivity, our mood and our capacity to make the right decisions. To keep you energy levels high and constant, try to eat foods that are high in proteins. Vegetable and fruits are also a vital source of nutrients for your diet as they provide a sustainable and easily digestible source of energy for your body. It is also recommended to eat smaller meals and several healthy snacks during the day, such as protein bars, nuts and fruits to maintain a steady glucose level. This will allow a constant flow of energy to the brain , allowing you to remain better focused for longer periods of time.

Keep an Upright Posture

The third factor may come as a surprise, but your posture plays an enormous role on your energy level. Not only has it shown to be directly related to your emotional state, but by simply keeping an upright posture you allow the energy to flow freely throughout the body. You can think of energy as the oxygen that is delivered to your cells, if the posture is not maintained it will compress the tissues and inhibit the delivery of oxygen,leaving some of your cells without oxygen.  Cells that don’t breath fail to fulfill their functions and will eventually die off. Therefore sitting, standing and moving in alignment allows the organism to function in balance, hence giving you more energy and more power to fulfill your goals.

Keep Moving

At last! One of the most important factors in maintaining our energy throughout the day is to keep our body moving. It is now a well known fact that a daily exercises routine can improve your overall well being. I would also encourage you to just keep moving , take  every opportunity . Movement activates our respiratory, circulatory and immune systems. It also allows us to release excess energy making room for new vital energy into our body. Movement also brings our attention into the body and hence into the present moment. This has a calming effect on the nervous system by decreasing our stress levels. Lower stress allows us to better regulate our energy and to focus our energy on achieving our goals.

Each of these factors plays a crucial role in our ability to keep our energy everyday no matter the challenges that we might face along the way. Learning to balance our energy levels is the key to success , so it is important to see this as a path in which each step requires our dedication and courage to bring change.


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