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5 Apps That Will Increase Your Morning Work Rate

5 Apps That Will Increase Your Morning Work Rate

Everyone's morning routine is different, but we can group most people into three categories. The first type consists of the ones that get up once their alarm starts ringing and begin their tasks right away. They are the most effective. The second type consists of the ones that, after waking up, try to have light sleep sessions because they think they’ll get more rest. Last, but not least, are the ones that get up when the alarm goes off, but they don’t leave the bed until they check the news.

Nowadays, it seems the great majority of people are the last category. Being informed is very important, we all know it. Even so, having a spot-on morning routine can have a positive impact on your productivity and attitude. Here are 5 apps that will increase your work rate during the early hours of the day.


5 Apps That Will Increase Your Morning Work Rate

1- Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Our sleep is cyclical, and if you disrupt one of these cycles you will feel very exhausted when you wake up. Many people that go to bed early tend to feel very tired all day long because they disrupted one of these cycles. The best time to wake up is during the light sleep periods.

You may wonder how this app works, what’s so magical about it. Well, all you have to do is place your phone on your nightstand, start the app and go to sleep. While sleeping, the app will analyze your sleep cycles and it will wake you up only during the lightest sleep phase. This way you will feel rested and full of energy all day long.

There’s also a "lazy people” option for the ones that want to sleep as much as they can. Once activated it will only wake you up during the last phase of your light sleep. This option will give you an additional 20 minutes of sleep.

2- Body Stretch

A good stretching session right after you wake up can increase your productivity drastically. It can have better effects than the coffee you are used to drinking every day. Stretching enhances your elasticity and blood flow and relaxes your muscles. It has especially visible effects on people with sedentary jobs. Even so, if you don’t want to hurt yourself, you should at least ask for professional help or advice.

The Body Stretch app has more than 40 distinct stretching techniques, which are appropriate for every age group. Every exercise is thoroughly explained and it also offers you examples using videos.

3- Calm

Times have changed, the world is getting more and more dynamic, and everything happens faster than it used to. This makes our lives very agitated and nerve-racking, and we forget how to relax. We keep on running, but we forget why we do it. Our lives become sadder and sadder. From time to time we need to have some periods of relaxation and meditation.

This is where this app comes in handy. It has a lot of meditation courses. You can choose the most appropriate one and start your day properly. The good part about this app is that every routine comes with relaxing music.

4- Todoist

Being an early bird can be very effective, but you also need to plan your day in order to become efficient. People without a thorough program will tend to waste more time and be less efficient. By using Todoist you can also find the right balance between the personal and professional.

When using Todoist you can plan your entire day or week, and keep track of your progress even when you are offline. You can separate massive activities into smaller, manageable tasks. If you want to work more effectively you can also ask Superior Papers for help. They can help you create a one-of-a-kind paper work for the jobs you ought to do. This way you can focus on your more important projects. Also, by using this app you can oversee the general progress of your activities and you can increase the pace when you feel it would be appropriate.

5- Fabulous Motivate Me!

From time to time, each and every one of us needs a coach or adviser. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people lies in their habits. If you try to create habits out of the things you need to do, your work efficiency will increase and you’ll become more successful. This is what this app does for you. It helps you establish some basic routines that will make your life a lot easier and efficient.


Time is very precious, and you don’t want to waste any second of it. By using these apps you can increase your efficiency, and become a better organized and calmer person. These things will increase your quality of life.

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